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Mar 27, 2009 12:48 PM

ice cream maker recs

I am thinking about purchasing an ice cream/sorbet maker in preparation for the warm weather; I would love any recommendations/ advice on good brands - hopefully not too pricey or large. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I've had ice cream on the brain lately too; how funny!

    We have the Cuisinart ICE-50BC, and have been very happy with it. It's both pricey and large, so may not be what you're looking for. This is the first ice cream maker I've owned, so I can't compare it to anything else at this point, but only real complaint is that it's quite loud. David Lebovitz has an article about buying an ice cream maker, and it includes a Cuisinart model with a [much] lower price.

    He also has an Amazon store set up with all of his recommendations:

    I've found his book Perfect Scoop to be a wonderful starting point for my ice cream adventures.

    1. We also have a Cuisinart, but ours is an ICE-30BC. It's a 2-quart model and NOT pricey--we got it at Macy's and love it. Ours is loud, too, but it only has to run about 25-30 minutes and is not earthshattering...just not quiet, so no biggie. ;)

      Enjoy your ice cream making--it's lots of fun!

      Edit: P.S. to Julia: This thread will get moved to Cookware. FYI.

      1. Must be the warmer weather (of course, we are supposed to get 4-5 inches of snow this weekend!)

        We do ice cream infrequently, so a plastic-bucket Rival suits us fine. The whole process of dealing with the rock salt and ice keeps the kids entertained. If we made ice cream more often, we would probably go with one of the cartridge models.

        Truth be told, homemade ice cream is about the most expensive thing you can make -- at least compared to purchasing at the supermarket. Of course, when you make it at home, you know what's in there.

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          I've got a couple of the frozen-gel-in-the-bowl models and an electric ice & brine type. I think the ice & brine makes superior ice cream. Plus you can control the size of the ice crystal by the amount of salt you use AND (big "and") you can finish one flavor, wash out the freezing container & dasher and make another one without waiting 24 hours. Oh, and it doesn't take up a huge amount of valuable real estate in your freezer in order to be ready if you're ready to freeze ice cream.

        2. Received the Musso Lussino as a 25th anniversary gift a few years ago and have been in ice cream heaven ever since. Previously had the old Donvier freeze bowl and hand mix model that did some wonderful desserts but the Musso allows you to let you make the gelato or ice cream, etc. hands free while preparing the rest of a dinner. Freezing the dessert while dining and having absolutely spot on perfection when it is time for the dessert course. Built like a truck and very simple to clean. One SS paddle blade to remove into the dishwasher and the no seam, built in bowl wipes out with a few swipes of a dishcloth and then polishes up with a dry dishtowel to look like an Italian sportscar on the counter. Six years now and operates perfectly every single time regardless of room temperature, etc.

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            Holy smokes! If what I'm seeing online is what you have, that's quite the gift you received!