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Mar 27, 2009 12:29 PM

Nick's roast beef in Beverly

I think I'm finally gonna hit this famous place tomorrow. I'm usually a horseradish sauce kinda gal, is that the way to go? What else should we get besides the sandwich? Good rings or fried seafood? Anything else in Beverly or Danvers to check out? Thanks.

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  1. a Classic 3-way (cheese, sauce, mayo) is always good. but my favorite would be cheese, sauce and raw onion.
    get the Onion Rings.

    1. I personally like the Super Beef with sauce and Mayo only. So jealous - best roast beef in MA hands down.

      1. It's the best. THE BEST (sorry). No, it's really good--probably one of the top 3 places in the Boston area for roast beef. I'd definitely get the 3-way, though at the very least get the sauce and cheese.

        I don't know too many places in that area, but New Brothers in Danvers is decent for cheap Greek food, cafeteria-style, and Connors Farm north of the center (on Route 35) is a great place to get fresh produce.

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          Brothers on Foster Street in Peabody has great roast beef sandwiches and fries. Not enough sauce for me so I ask for extra. I am not a mayo gal so I skip that.

        2. I always just get the sauce. Deee-lish! Not a huge fan of their rings, usually just get fries. Let us know what you think!

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            Oh man, I think their onion rings kicked the fries' ass. Not too thick (or thin), fresh and crisp, a little greasy. Good stuff. i got the 3 way cuz so many people mentioned it but next time would just get my usual horseradish sauce. Friend got the roast beef sandwich plate and I got a sandwich and shared his sides. $8.99 for the large sandwich, rings, fries (lots of thin cut but thought they were only fair) and a small salad. Good deal altho they charge for every extra thing on it (even pickles). My 3 way was about $4.75. Very good but I think I like Mike's in Everett better because the roll is grilled better. Very busy with some high school baseball team in there but fast, pleasant service. Glad I went but also glad that Mike's is closeby.

            While driving back along Rt. 1A, we stopped in A&J King bakery in Salem (is that the name of it?). They were just closing so I got a decent choc. chunk cookie, passed on bread pudding and some other interesting looking items.

          2. Decided to forego the usual post-Crane Beach line and exsanguination at The Clam Box, and had my first three-way at Nick's, and it was awesomely outrageous. Unbelievable quality and quantity of meat, and definitely the best "north shore" rb I've ever had (though I only have Kelly's to compare it to.) The onion rings and fries were quite good, and perfectly fried (slightly undersalted, though).

            Clam Box
            789 Quincy Shore Dr, Quincy, MA 02170