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Mar 27, 2009 12:11 PM

Need Fabulous Cheap Places Downtown and in Thornhill

I'm coming to town and I'd really like to find some fabulous cheap (under $15 an entree; cheaper is even better) places for lunch. Somewhere in the general downtown area (St. Clare St. to the waterfront) is good. We're staying in Thornhill so I'd be up for dinner suggestions there, too.


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  1. Hi katya, do you have any specific types of food in mind? For lunch under $15/entree, you have a pretty huge selection of choices. So maybe you could define "fabulous" to help us narrow it down for you.

    Gallery Grill at the Hart House at the University of Toronto is a wonderful lunch destination. If you're from out of town, you'll feel like you've discovered a little hidden treasure. The location is also great, because you'll be able to walk the campus or go to the Royal Ontario Museum, the Gardiner Museum or do some shopping in Bloor - Yorkville afterwards.

    Here's an idea of the menu:

    1. Caplansky's (that is, if you're into deli)!

      1. Center Street Deli in Thornhill for lunch. Dinner is pretty poor in that area, with the exception of Terra (but personally i think the price point is too high for the quality).

        Utopia is pretty good quality for sub $15 lunch and dinner (college street west, little italy).

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          Thanks so much for all the recommendations. What we didn't use this time we'll definitely keep in mind for our next trip. I hoped to go to Yorkville and the University of Toronto, so I want to hit Gallery Grill in the future. (Sounds great!) We didn't have very many meals on our own in Toronto, but we did go to:

          Centre Street Deli (my favorite!; really good matzoh ball soup and potato latkes)
          Me Va Me
          Meron Brothers
          Zaffron (very good Persian food)
          Ivory Thailand (in the Financial District)
          Richtree Market (forgive me)
          Sierra Grill (big family dinner)

        2. lots of great Chinese food for under $15, a 5 min drive from Thornhill, around Hwy 7 and Leslie area.

          Dragon Boat has a dim sum special M-F before 10:50am, $2.80 for all sizes. You can come out under $15 per person.

          Northern Dumpling Kitchen at Times Square.

          wonton mein at Big Joy or Jim Chai Kee.

          John's Chinese BBQ

          Food court at First Markham Place, chinese bbq place or the dumpling place.

          1. A good dinner in thornhill is hard to find... if you dont mind get a burger at golden star (yonge and steeles) combo #3, tasty....