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Mar 27, 2009 11:53 AM

Sandwiches and Fresh Bread?

Does this comination exist in Back Bay? I am willing to travel to South End as well if it is impossible to find in Back Bay. I think this has been one of the most frustrating things to find in this area. All I want is a good sandwich on a nice FRESH multigrain! We need more sandwich/lunch spots in this city. There are a million offices in the Copley and Pru alone to keep something like this in business. Who wants to deal with those food courts?!

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  1. DeLuca's market on Newbury St. has decent sandwiches but only for carry-out. Otherwise you could go to Flour Cafe & Bakery in the South End, where you'll find mostly excellent sandwiches on mostly excellent breads.

    1. mike + patty's make excellent sandwiches and use iggy's multigrain (with flax!). they're in bay village (church street), so not too far away.
      also, nashoba brook bakery on columbus. great sandwiches on their own bread.

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        I believe the Nashoba Brook Bakery closed their Boston location in late 2007. I used to love those sandwiches though.

        In the same general area, Finale in the Park Plaza actually has decent (but expensive) sandwiches at lunch time (I'm talking to you chicken salad). And the bread at Viga on Stuart St always seemed pretty fresh.

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          Ha! I had no idea Nashoba Brook closed that location! Sorry to hear it... it was a good spot.
          On the Viga note... I walked past it by chance the other day, having never heard if it at all, and was amazed to see a line of people waiting outside before noon! That is always a good sign, IMO. Not sure how the food is, having never eaten there myself, but if you can get people lined up for lunch, you're doing something right.

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            viga' s pizza is good, its pastas are ok, but the portions are enormous for the price. i used to work right near there and there really is nothing else within a couple blocks for take-out except an au bon pain.

      2. Flour Bakery in the South End has the BEST sandwiches and soups. Breads are homemade and excellent

        1. Formaggio on Shawmut uses great bread for their sandwiches.

          1. Au bon Pain. Ha! Just kidding. Seriously though, as I recall, Parish Cafe uses fresh breads for their sandwiches. I don't know who the vendor is though. I used to walk by each day when I used to work in the Back Bay and the bread guy was always dropping off bread in the mornings.

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              why the dig at au bon pain? everything is baked fresh and the sandwiches are a good value compared to many other places like it. beats the hell out of cosi which brags about its bread -- which to me is more like cardboard.