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Mar 27, 2009 11:29 AM

Vegan Passover recipes?

So the nephew is vegan and the niece is vegetarian, I HATE having to cook all these extra meals but I want to make everyone happy. Will be serving roasted salmon along with brisket (1st night) and roasted turkey (2nd night). Always have lots of veggies, roasted asparagus, honey glazed carrots, some kind of potato, etc. What I can serve vegan nephew? We are Conservative and Rabbi has given me "papal dispensation" to serve legumes for Passover. Does WF make a Tofu turkey in April? Any loaf recipes with edamame or nuts? Other suggestions? Oh, and if it could be prepared in advance, that would be a bonus. Thanks!

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  1. I bet your vegan nephew will be okay if you don't make him anything special, honestly. Maybe you could make a vegan soup for the soup course that both your nephew and niece can eat (sad for your nephew to miss matzo balls, but what can you do?). What about if you made a quinoa pilaf? Then you aren't serving kitniyot, it has a lot of protein, and others might want to try it too. And it sounds like you're doing a fruit dessert already, so I'd offer your nephew just the fruit, and maybe some vegan dark chocolate if you have any.

    1. Instead of a tofu turkey, bake some tofu 'cutlets' in a marinade or spices similar to what you're serving. Since you're doing turkey the second night, what do they usually eat on Thanksgiving? There are lots of options, but it helps if you know what they like to eat.

      Someone mentioned eggplant "steaks"- maybe you could serve your niece and nephew something like that instead of the brisket on the first night.

      If you're not opposed to using black beans, you can make a great veggie cutlet or loaf.

      1. the problem with a lot of the loaf recipes is that thet contain either bread (or bread crumbs), oats, corn or rice...all of which render them useless for your needs. but maybe you could tweak one of them, subbing matzo meal or some grated potato for those ingredients...

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          matzah meal works great as a binder insted of breadcrumbs. my mother actually uses it all year...