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Mar 27, 2009 11:24 AM

Bar Serving Sazeracs in STL

As a native New Orleanian and currently living in St. Louis I was wondering if anyone knows of a bar in the St. Louis area that serves Sazeracs. I know Mortons in Clayton does, but not sure of anyone else. Thanks!

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  1. I'd head to Monarch. They have one of the best mixologists in the country, Ted Kilgore. He knows his stuff. Can give you history of just about every drink and spirit there is. You don't really order a drink there, you talk to Ted about what you like and don't like, and a delicious cocktail appears. The new head chef here is a native of New Orleans, FYI...

    1. The Royale, on Kingshighway just south of Arsenal, serves one though it has a wacky moniker. All the cocktails are named after the city wards, and I forget exactly which ward gets to claim the Sazerac. (Carondelet maybe?)

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        We went to the Royale last weekend with another couple. They had been there before and loved the food and the drinks. We loved the food but the 7.00 drinks were terrible. The bartender mixing the drinks was looking on a "cheat sheet" to mix them. For 7.00 a drink we were highly disappointed. They made us have to go home and make our own drinks.

      2. Vin de Set, on 2017 Chouteau Avenue, almost always serves a great Sazerac, about on par with Feelings Cafe in Marigny. They (thank goodness) do not use bar syrup, and you can get it with Herbsaint or absinthe. I also recommend their she-crab bisque when it's in season.

        1. The Sazerac is on the cocktail menu at Trattoria Marcella.