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Mar 27, 2009 11:10 AM

New company selling cholev yisroel milk

There is a new company selling cholev yisroel milk. Machmirim, whose slogan is “Anachnu Machmirim Bnei Machmirim,” is bristling with hashgachos, it is actually under four hashgachos - the Vaad Hakashrus of Skver, Khal Adath Jeshurun (KAJ), the Nirbater Rov (Rav Aharon Teitelbaum), and the Orthodox Union (OU). Brachs was carrying it, and the surprising thing was that it was the cheapest milk that they were selling. $1.99 for ½ gal. Guilda, which Brachs carries, is not cholev yisroel and it was going for $2.19 for ½ gal. Absolutely amazing that with 4 hechsherim it was the cheapest milk being sold. From what I am reading on the web, that is the case all over.

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  1. This makes me LOL for so many reasons.

    1. I avoid anything with 4 or more hechsherim on general principle.

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      1. re: masteraleph

        I agree, if all they could get was 4 then what's wrong with it? And why just those 4?

        Although it's entirely possible that it's 1 hashgocho per teat.

        1. re: ferret

          I guess the question is just what does it mean. Does it mean ->

          (1) There are four masgichim at the farm and at all processes at all times.
          (2) Each hecher is responsible for 2 days of supervision and share responsibilities as to the other steps of preparation.
          (3) There is only one who gives the hasgacha and the other 3 simply certify that the primarary company's hasgacha is a good hashgacha.
          (4) There is only one masgiach and he is being paid by all four hechers.

          1. re: MartyB

            the real question is not why it has 4 hasgochot it is will it last 4 days in the fridge unlike the other ones

            1. re: mrmoose

              Mine almost didn't make it into the frig. My cleaning woman upon unpacking my groceries noticed that the milk was leaking. I quickly emptied my old container of Guida milk since there was not much left in it and transfered the milk there. I guess the kedusha of the new milk got diluted by mingling with the left over Guida milk.

        2. re: masteraleph

          That's silly. Different people have different standards, and this company looks like it's trying to cater to more groups of kosher consumers; nothing wrong with that as far as I'm concerned.

          As for the very competitive pricing, I hope it's not just introductory pricing for the new brand to promote awareness of it; that may indeed be the case, and the prices for the Machmirim products may rise after several weeks or months (just as many prices at the Glatt Kosher Kingdom rose dramatically after a couple of months of unbelivable prices, such as chickens for 99 cents a pound, two-pound fresh loaves of bread for 99 cents, etc.).

          I recently received

          Suggestion: How about a Divide and Conquer major Pesach shopping plan of attack? Armed with our fliers (from the various Jewish and secular newpapers and adverts, from the Internet, from the stores themselves, etc.), MartyB can go to, say, Gourmet Glatt, Beryl can go to Brach's, and your truly will volunteer to go to Las Vegas Kosher Mart (I don't know if such a place exists, but it would give me an excuse to take a trip to Vegas). Whichever store has the least expensive price on any given item (say, Supersol for chicken cutlets)... well, that designated shopper should by that item for all in our group. Likewise with all other items. Of course, the $10 off coupons for Gourmet Glatt and Glatt Kosher Kingdom will be prorated accordingly...

          1. re: midasgold

            I noticed that Brachs stopped carrying Machmirim milk. Anyone one knows why? Is it still being carried in other stores? The cheapest milk at Brachs is now Guida's at, I believe, $2.29/half gallon. It is not cholev yisroel and more expensive that the short lived Machmirim milk that was going for $1.99/half gallon. Still a far cry from the $2.19 that Costco charges for a FULL gallon of milk.