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Mar 27, 2009 11:08 AM

Tony Roma's to open at Bay Terrace Shopping Center

Tony Roma's will be opening soon at the Bay Terrace Shopping Center in Bayside next to the Loew's Movie Theater.

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    1. re: NYJewboy

      It's the place for ribs - See it does pay to advertise.

      1. re: Geo8rge

        This was my favorite restaurant when i was in elementary school! I'm totally going if it's subway accessible.

        1. re: francesb

          yes, this may not be "chowhound worthy" but what a blast from the past.

          remember the one that used to be on northern blvd near bell? it's currently the 2nd outpost of ham ji bak, the korean sam gyup ssal place.

          i remember going to tony roma's for graduation dinners from elem and junior high school! haha.

    2. Interesting - wonder how it'll fare/compete with the Outback & Appelbees already in there.

      1. Just what we need. Another crappy fake bbq joint.

        1. Ugh. For real? Last time I went there was the one on Northern for a wedding rehearsal dinner. It was about 20 years ago and the bridesmaid ensemble I was to wear the next day involved fuschia poofy shoulders and a headpiece. Why can't anything GOOD open up in Bay Terrace?? I heard rumors of a Panera opening up in the old Kinko's location. I would take that...

          1. I so wish this area would get some decent places to dine. Just what Bayside needs, another crappy chain.

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            1. re: CornflakeGirl

              Panera is supposedly opening this month, thankfully. The diner stinks so at least Panera serves decent salad, soup great bread by the pound. I was told from a reliable source that an Italian restaurant and steakhouse will be opening but it's probably going to be a chain like Outback, etc. Don't think anyone in Bay Terrace is looking to spend a lot on a steak, etc. Look at the restaurants they now have -- the diner,Applebee's, Ben's. When we had Shoe Box, an upscale womens shoe store, it closed in a year. No one will pay full price in this area. Since there are a lot of teenagers and retirees in Bay Terrace, the restauarants cater to them, not to those who spend $42 on a steakhouse. To eat well you have to travel East into at least Great Neck or west to Astoria. I live locally and NEVER eat anywhere in Bayside except for Avli on Bell Blvd. What does that way about the level of dining the area offers?