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Mar 27, 2009 09:26 AM

Greek Grocery In NH?

I'm looking for a Greek grocery store in NH. I need to purchase some specific products to make Greek pastries...


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  1. Hi, its not a full Greek store, but Shaw’s in Derry , and I think most of them now have some items on there international section that are Greek, as I have bought there honey and Grape leaves before, I have also seen then in Hannaford’s in Bedford and John Devine in Manchester.

    They all also carry frozen Fillo

    Hope this helps

    1. The bigger Market Basket Stores (Nashua Exits 1 and 8) have some Greek items.

      1. I'm not sure where you're located, but there are a few small Greek markets in Manchester. One is one Orange St. near Pine St. The other is on Spruce St. near Union St. That one is called Bakolas Market. Both have some very unique items.

        1. Nashua: Liamos Market 295 Lake St
          Manchester: Bakolas Market Hellenic Agora Grocery 110 Spruce Street

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            I like Bakolas. Check out the feta, olives and meats.

          2. Bakolas, by far is the only market in Manch I know selling only Greek foods. For pastry ingredients, you might try Kay's Bakery on Massebiesic. They might sell you your hard to get items or tell you a source.