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Mar 27, 2009 09:06 AM

San Rafael: LaCoppa coffee outlet 25% off sale until end of March

Usually there is a 25% off discount when buying 2 lbs or more. Until the end of the month just buying a pound will get the discount. Also, half pound bags qualify if the total purchase is one pound. A freind bought a half pound of the Blue Mountain blend (25 percent Jamaican blue mountain) and a half pound of Guatemala Antigua.

That Guatemala Antigua was very good. Even my sercious coffee drinking friend liked it enough to buy some beans. It was the coffee of the day and we both bought a cup to go and the rest of the drive was peppered with the both of us saying from time to time ... 'this is really nice'.

The outlet is only open during the week, but they open at 6:30 am.

Here's my recent report

LaCoppa Coffee
40 Louise St, San Rafael, CA

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  1. Thanks to your previous tip, I bought 3lbs. Blue Mountain Blend, Italian and French Roast. My spouse is the coffee drinker and she really enjoyed the blend.

    1. They're offering the same pricing at the Mill Valley store, if that's more convenient. And they're open in the evening and on weekends. I bought 2 lbs last week.