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Mar 27, 2009 09:02 AM

20-25 in Baltimore (close 2 inner harbor)

In another post, i was looking for a crabhouse, but that's becoming too problematic (cost, location).

Coming to Baltimore in May with a group of 20-25 (9 of them 15 year olds). Looking for a place close enough to walk to the Inner Harbor. Can be a tavern/pub, italian, upscale pizza/pasta, seafood...really anything. Trying to keep the cost between $35-$45pp. A Sports Bar (not ESPN Zone) would be fine. I looked at Porter's, and the menu seems fine, but i'm not sure if they can handle a crowd.

any ideas. thanks

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  1. I think Porter's is pretty small for a crowd that size -- you might be able to fit into the back room, but only if they had no other customers. Plus it's a great place for a beer at the bar, but the food isn't all that good.

    1. What about Little Italy? Amicci's would be decent, laid back, very casual place. I think all of the entrees are under $20 and you can easily walk to the inner harbor from the restaurant.

      They could handle a crowd of 20-25 easily.

      1. Call ahead for reservation or try to break up into 2 or 3 groups for reservations.

        Miss shirleys hsa outstanding breakfast and lunches.. FOGO deChao is a chain , but it is all u can eat meat!!!

        1. one more --Nicks seafood House is just past Federal Hill. IF the weather is warm you can sit outside.