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Mar 27, 2009 08:57 AM

Pick the date night spot...

We haven't been out since forever. Our anniversary was a few days ago and in-laws are watching the kids tonight.

I figure we'll catch Slumdog Millionaire in Port Chester.

Places I'm considering for dinner, lack of reservation permitting...

Le Provencal
Tarry Lodge

I've had takeout from F.I.S.H. once... haven't eaten at any of the others.

I think Tarry Lodge is probably coming off the list right away because of what I'm imagining will be a large crowd.. Probably a more low-key, smaller place is better. And I'll try Tarry Lodge sometime in the middle of a week.

Thoughts comparing the other three? Other suggestions?

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  1. Ruby's on Purchase St. in Rye.
    Morgan's in Rye.

    1. You could probably get a late night Tarry Lodge reservation. I know that I've called a couple times on the day of and been able to get reservations for 9:30 pm or later. I've been there a couple of times and everything has been delicious. The pizzas are wonderful and a great app. Also, the orrechiate with broccoli rabe and sausage is amazing.
      I for one love Le Provencal. I've been there 3 times and each time has been absolutely wonderful. It's also got a nice romantic setting without overdoing it. I think I actually have dreams about their onion tart.
      Nessa is also nice, but I went and had horrible service and it was so loud I couldn't hear my husband across a tiny table. The service alone was enough to make me not want to go back.

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        thanks for the suggestion on the late night tarry lodge reservation.. i think i'm gonna try that for after the movie.

        1. re: rafi

          If Tarry doesn't work out, Le Provencal.

      2. Tarry Lodge is great, but early or late (I've been there for both) it's quite busy and loud. Same goes for Ruby's. Both are 2 of my favorites with great food and good service, but they are both "scenes". I would recommend Morgans (ask for a banquette table by the kitchen) the food is amazing and unfortunately underrated which is why it is on the quieter side.
        Nessa has a very romantic, almost sexy atmosphere but I find the food to just be ok, and I haven't had the greatest service there.
        FISH isn't a bad choice either, but just as close to the movie theatre and way better food I'd choose Morgans.
        I know its not on your original list, but check it out.