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Mar 27, 2009 08:43 AM

Rathbun's Blue Plate

Anyone been? Let's here it. I looked at the menu and wine list on-line and it looked pricey to me.

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  1. I've been only once, and doubt I'll return -- not because the food is bad, but because, as you say, it's pricey. We went because a friend was in town, staying at the nearby Hilton, and she wanted something convenient and not fancy. For that, Blue Plate fit the bill. Although the restaurant is nice, you can go in jeans and not feel out of place. The service was very good. As for the food, the appetizers were disappointing and forgettable, the entrees were o.k. but nothing special, and the desserts were really good. The best entree was the Dr. Pepper chicken -- that got Hoovered down pronto. The meatloaf was as big as a brick, but nothing special. The fried fish, well, you can get as good or better at lots of cheaper places, like Aw Shucks. The deconstructed s'mores, and the buttermilk pie were both wonderful. I can't comment on the wine, because I didn't even look at the list, much less order any. I left with the feeling that I paid more than necessary for average food. That said, friends of mine love the place and eat there often.

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      The price does not make it sound very 'blue plate' to me. Not sure why they are calling it that?

    2. We went for dinner once. The smores dessert was something I wish we skipped, but everthing else was really good. It's no more expensive than Neighborhood Services and almost as good. We will go back

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        I tried his place in Plano and thought it was overpriced and the food was not good. I don't get all the hype of this guy. Anyone with a PR person can get all they attention he wants so surely someone would like his food. I won't even try his new place.

        1. re: CC21

          Blue Plate Kitchen is not in Plano. It is off Luther Lane.

          1. re: msdker

            Reread my post. I know it's not in Plano, but he has another restaurant in Plano that I did try and did not like so as I said in my post, I will not try his new restaurant BPK as his food is all the same IMO. (I did not mention the name of the Plano location as the place was so forgetable I did not include the name)