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Mar 27, 2009 08:31 AM

Galatoire's-lunch Friday v. not Friday?

I've seen some recent threads that have touched on this... I'm an out-of-towner who has been to Friday lunch at Galatoire's twice in recent years, enjoying it immensely both times. Bearing that in mind, is the experience substantially different at lunch on other days of the week (esp. Thursday)?

I'd be happy to forego the experience of waiting on line for 90 minutes, but I'm bringing some first-timers and I think we would be disappointed if the restaurant wasn't crowded and lively.

thanks, crew!

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  1. get there early, either get a table right away or wait in the bar upstairs. depending on time of year and holidays (warning: we here celebrate them all), you may get seated immediately on a Friday.

    1. I went on a Saturday once. It was definitely a different scene than a Friday, but there was no wait for a table, and of course the food was just as wonderful. It was pretty quiet when we first arrived (right at opening), but within 15-20 minutes it was lively.

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        Our lunches at Gal's are always on a Sat. since my husband is tied up M-F (when he's not, waiting in line is not an option). Anyway, we get there at ( or close to) opening and it fills up in no time.

      2. I believe that you see the "real" restaurant" better on days other than Friday. Lunch on Tuesday will be lively enough but not of the cut-up variety that Friday has become. Personally, I like goin in mid-afternoon and lingering on into the early evening. When you are sitting in there at 4:00 you may be the only patron in the place. The opportunity for visiting with--or getting to know--the crew is unlimited. Lively is fun but so, too, is the calm. THe ebb and flow is immensly enjoyable. But, if you want hoopla etc, Friday is your day.