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Mar 27, 2009 08:19 AM

Queens... A Taste of the World (fundraising event)

I recently heard about this annual event for the first time. Over 40 food purveyors from the Borough will converge at Citifield on the evening of April 21st for a non-profit food and wine event sponsored by the Queens Economic Development Council. Tickets cost $65-75, depending on when you buy them, and are tax deductible.
I am intrigued. And surprised to never have heard any discussion of it on these boards!
Has anyone ever been?

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  1. No one has heard of this? I'm going to try and find out which Queens restaurants are participating, and will post back when I have info...

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    1. re: vvvindaloo

      Not only have I heard of it, but I've attended 4 years in a row! It is a food lover's delight; the cuisine is delish and the atmosphere is fun, fun, fun! I'm a Chicago native, home of the country's biggest taste fest and I will say that this one is a good second. Come on now, nothing beats home. ;-) But I strongly suggest that you hop on over to Citi Field and feast away!

      1. re: boguechittogirl

        Can you advise where we can pick up tickets at?

    2. I did a google search and found a couple of answers. Here is one.

      There is a link to buy tickets at the bottom.