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Mar 27, 2009 07:28 AM

MMM, Moonstones in Chelmsford, Ma. - Yum!!

We've been for tapas and lunch before, but finally got here for dinner and entrees. Everyone was very pleased. It's a little pricy but everythign was right on: food, presentation, pace, service, ambiance (I don't mind paying when everything falls into place so nicely). 4 of us and we got 4 tapas plates to share (they are a little small to split with 4 people but still great: 1)scallop ceviche (light, delish, refreshing with greens), 2)tuna tar tar was very nice with hints of asian flavors, some rice and wasabi,3)vegetable spring rolls were very nice, fresh, clean 4) fried buffalo calamari with blue cheese (fantastic) - could have used several of these! We also enjoyed a fantastic foccacia bread with goat cheese, fig jam, prosciutto, fresh herbs. Entres were fantastic: 1) Mine was the best says me. Shrimp and scallops in coconut curry foam, sticky rice and a spring roll 2) Hubby loved his. Grilled free range bison tips marinated in coca cola and ketchup, served with gritz stix - soooo tender!!! 3) My friend loved hers. Chicken scallopiny w/ jumbo shrimp, lemon, toasted garlic, fresh gnocchi 4) and lastly, another great dish loved by all (we share a lot). Pork Carnitas, (slow roasted pulled pork) with sweet potato fries, queso blanco and guacamole.

Service was fantastic, right on. We also got a nice side of grits sticks (fried polenta fries) that were sooooo delish, herbs and maybe some hints of parm.

Only one of us had room for dessert, I didn't enjoy it though - very weird. Brazilian coconut pudding - smooth, creamy and crazy flavorful pudding is served with a fresh guava puree. If I had room it was a tie between Chai Creme Brulee or Ricotta Zeppoli-pillows of citrus infused ricotta, fried crisp, tossed in sugar and candied orange peel, paired with chocolate sauce for dipping.

Excellent! Anyone else been lately?

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  1. This sounds phenomenal ... can't believe I haven't been there yet but this report will nudge it to the top of my must-eat list!

    1. i checked their online prices
      2yrs ago or 2 yrs from now prices might be ok but in this ecomomy i dunno

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        Yep, can't be doing last night too often - I felt guilty spending that kind of money but it was worth it. Go for lunch to get a great idea of the food, ambiance - better prices!!!