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Mar 27, 2009 07:14 AM

Fresh Market in Dundee?

The Daily Herald had this as a headline Driving from Lake in the Hills to Geneva for this favorite store....I was pretty excited. But read further and it was called Nature's Fresh Market, "good quality, low cost full service supermarket with both dry goods and especially fresh produce," . Anyone have any idea what this is? Nothing found on google..

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  1. There are so many markets with similar-sounding names: The Fresh Market ( ), Garden Fresh Market ( ), and now apparently Nature's Fresh Market. Very confusing.

    It does not appear to be associated with The Fresh Market, which shows upcoming openings on their website but does not show any in Dundee. BTW, The Fresh Market also has a store in Kildeer (Lake Zurich), which is about the same distance from LITH as Geneva. So in case you're headed east instead of south, that's an option too.

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      Thanks, as always! I've been to the one in Kildeer too. I'm totally addicted..Our daughter lives in Geneva, so it's just a convenience thing. But the thought of one ten minutes away.........I found it odd that there wasn't anything on google about any other ones, or websites..

      nsxtasy, i also wanted to say you're amazing. The depth of your knowledge is wonderful, and I really enjoy your posts! Thank you!

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        Thanks for your kind words! < blush >

    2. Nature's Fresh Market - DON'T BOTHER - it does NOT have fresh produce, the place reeks of pinesol, there are NO organic anything, same name brands you would find anywhere. The meat is brown, the dairy is past the due date, the selection is poor AND the prices are higher than Woodman's or Jewel. . . staff is very helpful and friendly, but we went home and took a SHOWER after we shopped, and threw away the food we purchased. BIG disappointment and falsely advertised!!!!!