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Mar 27, 2009 07:08 AM

Best place for business dinner in old montreal??

I'm looking for an ideal place for a business dinner. Will be around 12-14 people, tried Le Local, but they only fit up to 10. Any suggestions? Somewhere with a good bar, atmosphere, and not too dull.

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  1. Holder could work - it gets noisy but not annoying) so as long as it's not to discuss business, would be appropriate.


    1. Why not the KEG in front of the Queen E Hotel. Great for business....

      1. Hmm! I have heard nothing but good things about l'Épicier. Give it a try.

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        1. re: mtlmaven

          Opinions on L'Epicier are very mixed. I would suggest Holder over L'Epicier for a large group, actually I'd suggest Holder over L'Epicier for any number of people (although L'Epicier does have it's fans).

          1. re: eat2much

            We were way underwhelmed by L'Epicier. It seems like a great deal of hype.

        2. Holders is great! It might be tough for a group but Stash is always fantastic.

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          1. re: showthyme

            You might have a tough time for Holder for that large a group, I went on a thursday recently and it was packed to the rafters. It's also very noisy for a business meeting. Da Emma might fit the bill much better, it's more quiet and in an interesting building, and it has plenty of room.

            1. re: johnnyboy

              You can reserve at Holder, they accommodate groups quite readily (especially in their banquettes at the back). They have a slightly more limited menu for groups over a certain size (I believe it's on their web site), but I've been there on several occasions with groups, and had no problems. Da Emma is a good suggestion, but it is substantially more expensive than Holder.

          2. A few of my faves that offer a quieter atmosphere include Aix du Terroir at the Place D'Armes Hotel (there is a bar at the hotel that you hcould have drinks at prior to dinner), Verses at Hotel Nelligan and my personal favourite is Da Emma on de la Commune - it was Montreal's first women's prison and has a cavernous feel to it; best bruschetta that I have had in the city! They are all a bit pricy, but it is a business dinner, after all!