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Best place for business dinner in old montreal??

I'm looking for an ideal place for a business dinner. Will be around 12-14 people, tried Le Local, but they only fit up to 10. Any suggestions? Somewhere with a good bar, atmosphere, and not too dull.

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  1. Holder could work - it gets noisy but not annoying) so as long as it's not to discuss business, would be appropriate.


    1. Why not the KEG in front of the Queen E Hotel. Great for business....

      1. Hmm! I have heard nothing but good things about l'Épicier. Give it a try.

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          Opinions on L'Epicier are very mixed. I would suggest Holder over L'Epicier for a large group, actually I'd suggest Holder over L'Epicier for any number of people (although L'Epicier does have it's fans).

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            We were way underwhelmed by L'Epicier. It seems like a great deal of hype.

        2. Holders is great! It might be tough for a group but Stash is always fantastic.

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            You might have a tough time for Holder for that large a group, I went on a thursday recently and it was packed to the rafters. It's also very noisy for a business meeting. Da Emma might fit the bill much better, it's more quiet and in an interesting building, and it has plenty of room.

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              You can reserve at Holder, they accommodate groups quite readily (especially in their banquettes at the back). They have a slightly more limited menu for groups over a certain size (I believe it's on their web site), but I've been there on several occasions with groups, and had no problems. Da Emma is a good suggestion, but it is substantially more expensive than Holder.

          2. A few of my faves that offer a quieter atmosphere include Aix du Terroir at the Place D'Armes Hotel (there is a bar at the hotel that you hcould have drinks at prior to dinner), Verses at Hotel Nelligan and my personal favourite is Da Emma on de la Commune - it was Montreal's first women's prison and has a cavernous feel to it; best bruschetta that I have had in the city! They are all a bit pricy, but it is a business dinner, after all!

            1. A good, but definitely not spectacular place is L'Ambroisie on St Ambrose St. They do have a private dinning room.

              1. Le Club Chasse et Peche is excellent but a bit pricey. Aix en Terroir (below Suite 701) is popular but I think you get better value for money (quality) at Le Club.

                1. I recommend Le Club Chasse Et Peche. They have a side room that may accommodate your group that is not part of the main dining area. Very suitable for business. Food, I found, was not over-priced for the quality. Service was excellent.

                  No bar, however (perhaps it's on the other side). Atmosphere is more subdued and conducive to actual business talk.

                  For Dinner:
                  And Lunch the very next day:

                  1. Hi Julie,

                    I would try Graziella. Excellent food, good atmosphere and I'm sure they could accomodate you. Ask for Alexandre.

                    Also recommended is le Vauvert. Food is pretty good and you can drink there afterwards. I can be noisy though on thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

                    Finally, Version Laurent Godbout, has excellent food, great location and is a lot cheaper than Club C & P (it's actually right next to it). I've done events there with 12 clients and it wasn't a problem. It's lively and you'll also be close to the action.

                    Have fun !