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Mar 27, 2009 06:37 AM

Fairfax-Minerva or Bombay Bistro

Any recommendations for one over the other? Thanks.

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  1. Honestly, no. I've had fine meals at both restaurants. Whichever is more convenient at the time is the one I land up at.

    1. Dunno if the Fairfax Minerva is anything like the one in Chantilly off Rt 50, but that one had the hands-down absolute best lunch buffet of any Indian restaurant I've ever eaten in. The buffet was packed with dishes that looked like it went for miles and miles--I don't think I was able to even try everything on the buffet.

      Bombay Bistro (if you're talking about the one in Rockville) is high quality too, though. But their buffet is nothing like Minerva's.

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        There's a branch of Rockville's Bombay Bistro in Fairfax, which is what the OP was asking about. It's a larger restaurant, so the buffet is more extensive than the Rockville location. However, Minerva definitely wins on flat-out variety - the buffet is huge. I think it's a toss-up on quality.

      2. We're lucky to have some really great Indian food in Montgomery County. Bombay Bistro is always good. Their lunch buffet is excellent and if you are in the little-bit-of-everything mood at night, try the vegetarian or non-vegetarian thalis. Minerva is also wonderful. In Rockville, you can also have excellent buffets at India Garden and India Grill. In Silver Spring, the Bombay Gaylord is worth trying. If you're down near Georgetown, Heritage India is also excellent.