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Mar 27, 2009 06:09 AM

Madrid: Navajas a la plancha

Where can I get them? Are they in 'season' in May? Where do they make the best?

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  1. You can get them at most marisquerías and cervecerías all year round (which means dozens and dozens of places). If you do a search here for marisquerías and Madrid, you find lots of threads. Or if you let me know where you are staying or what other plans you have I can recommend some places nearby. Here's an El Mundo story with some names (though not all are a la plancha renditions):
    Another place: El Cantábrico

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      Just a correction to my previous post... el Cantábrico doesn't have navajas fresh... It's more for crustaceans: cigalas (languoustines), langostinas (prawn), gambas/camarones (shrimp), oysters (in season), and the many types of spanish crabs (centolla, necora, buey de mar, etc.)--good stuff.

      I have to say I'm not a big fan of Maceiras (recommended below)... it's not bad, per se, just nothing special and can be unbearably loud.

      Bar Cruz is a total dive (that happens to be a block from my place, which is why I recommended it here in the past). There are lots and lots of places just like it all over Madrid, but one advantage that it has is that they set up a terraza (outdoor tables) in the Plaza de Cascorro--but not during the Rastro on Sunday when the inside part is packed to the gills.

    2. Saw them last week advertised as a special at Cervezeria Cruz in La Latina on Sunday lunchtime for 9euros. Also an opportunity to check out el Rastro sunday market.

      1. Thanks for the tips. I was hoping it was not a seasonal item. I am staying on c\Echegaray. I hope that sherry bar is still open in the middle of the block. I will be there for a week (friday to thursday) and hope to eat myself silly!! I would appreciate any tips and recommendations that you have.

        1. Just got back from Madrid and ate Navajas a la plancha twice! They are so incredibly good -- the wonderful flavor of a clam/mussel with the texture of a tender calamar.

          I would recommend the Taberna Maceiras at Huerta, 66 (very close to the Prado). It is a Galician style restaurant with a great atmosphere although it is always packed so expect to wait in a very unorganized line!

          Also walk into some of the residential neighborhoods near Salamanca and you will find plenty of Cervezerias that carry them and will cook them up for you.

          1. Thanks all. Glad to see that they will be abundant.

            I have only had them prepared a la plancha, any other preparations that I should seek out?

            Oh my god, my trip (mostly the food) is totally consuming my every thought. I don't leave for 6 weeks and I don't see how it will be possible for me to concentrate on anything else between now and then! (Sorry boss...)