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Mar 27, 2009 12:52 AM

Curry Chicken with Potatoes

There is curry chicken and then there is curry chicken -- with chunks of potatoes and lots of sauce. The best one I've had so far has been, of all places, from Noodle Delight. There's only one location left at Victoria Park & Sheppard (2555 Victoria Park Avenue 416.492.9734). They recently closed up the one on Finch Ave. West & Alness St.

This is not the cheap type that's simply thin white pieces of chicken meat that get smothered under a paste of curry sauce -- oh, how I hate these dishes: it's all the same, just different sauces.

This "real" curry chicken comes with rice, chunks of chicken meat with bones, and it's served with potatoes. And a sauce you can drink.

Another place where the curry chicken is almost as good: Congee Wong.

Do you know of any great curry chicken (with potatoes)? I can't live on hot spicy noodle beef alone: ;o)

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  1. I think you're going to have to be more specific in your request. Chicken "curry" is a vague term. Even if you specify Indian cuisine, "curry" is non specific -- chicken tikka masala, chicken vindaloo, chicken xacutti, butter chicken, etc. are all what some might consider "curries". West Indians have curries, the Brits have their own take on curries. However, it does sound like you are asking for the Chinese or Japanese rendition of curry?

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      I think v's asking for the Chinese-style chicken curry, which you can find at practically any casual Chinese place (the yellow/brownish version). Unfortunately, it's not something I eat much so I don't really have a suggestion that's heads and shoulders above any other ones... perhaps you'd like to eat at my aunt's place? She makes a version with lots of potatoes.

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        Chicken tikka masala is good; Chicken vindaloo is excellent; Chicken xacutti not sure what this is; Butter chicken, love it.

        But a good chicken curry, where the chicken (with bones) has marinated, and potatoes cokked to perfection, and the sauce is not just a thick curry paste, ah...

      2. Sounds like you mean the Chinese-HK style curry? I don't really like that much but any HK cafe has them. For a better style curry chicken with potatoes, try Malaysian at gourmet garden or other Malaysian place.

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        1. Try the malaysian place in the Metro Sqaure foodcourt...i think it is called Lemongrass....and their curry is "real" with chicken on bones,potatoes and all.....

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            More like it. I like the Restoran Malaysia (815 Major Mackenzie Drive East, Richmond Hill, Ontario 905-508-1432) but it's pricy and the chicken has no bones.

            1. re: vuxes

              Lemongrass as warlock mentions has this, it uses bone in chicken thighs with skin, which is the most common cut used for hk style curry. WIth rice the price is around $5ish, no tax. It also comes with a drink (soy drink or lemon tea).

              Focus your search on hk cafe food joints or food courts in Chinese malls.

              What you're looking for is one of the most popular "fan hup" (rice box). A typical fast takeout lunch for the working class in HK. I suggest you try curry brisket too....

              1. re: aser

                i find the sauce i little too thin and oily at Lemongrass for my liking for curry chicken. although their curry beef brisket is to die for.

                1. re: mightykc

                  Oh yeah the beef brisket is to die for,thats normally my first choice at Lemongrass but sometimtes it gets sold out ,then my 2nd choice is either Chicken or Lamb.So normally I call ahead

                  Lemon Grass
                  P: 905-947-0688

          2. ALAS, I have to report that the curry chicken at Noodle Delight just isn't what it used to be anymore. I have gone there a number of times this year and each time have been sorely disappointed with the runny thin sauce, potatoes with black marks all over and chicken with no taste. Each time, I chalked it up to a bad day and came back for another try. Always the same poor result. I weep.