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phx - whats the best thing you ate in the last week?

the new red chili on the breakfast menu at maizie's. big chunks of beef, simmered in a tomato based sauce that's sweet on the first bite, but by the time you finish the bite your lips are tingling from the spice. the heat comes out of nowhere and lingers.

served with 3 eggs on top, its a rich, tasty, hangover cure par excellance.

anyone else have one fabulous thing in the last week? :)

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  1. I really enjoyed the ricotta gnocchi with sweet spicy sausage ragu at PastaBar--much needed comfort food after a day of busting my hump as a tequila festival volunteer on Saturday. :-)

    M had PastaBar's cavatelli with fava bean puree, whole fava beans, and guanciale, which I actually liked better as leftovers the next day than I did fresh out of the pan.

    Pasta Bar
    705 N 1st Street 110, Phoenix, AZ 85004

    1. Wednesday night at Tapino - seared foie gras with fresh roasted peaches and Arizona lavender honey on buttery toasted brioche. My friend Jen, who up until now only liked foie gras torchon, is finally a convert of seared foie.

      Tapino Kitchen & Wine Bar
      7000 E Shea Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

      1. Probably not the type of answer you're looking for but Sprouts has Alaskan Halibut on sale right now for $12.99. Picked some up to grill last night and it was delicious served with a lemon vinaigrette made from mixed herbs from our garden. Will have to pick some more up before next Wed while it's still on sale.

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          I would have loved to say Binkley's since I was there wed night but to be honest out of all 4 visits I enjoyed that one the least, I ate at arcadia famrs and had a shrimp pesto salad and their bread god that bread is good.

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            I second the halibut from Sprouts. We broiled some last night and it was mighty tasty!

          2. It was -5 here last week, made some chili and grilled cheese sandwiches. Winner!

            1. the stuffed pork rib chop at Cowboy chow, washed down with Sangiovese
              always a good experience

              1. turkey blt @ chestnut lane
                foie gras torchon brulee, pineapple, pear/watermelon water, blood orange @ posh

                Posh Improvisational Cuisine
                7167 E Rancho Vista Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

                Chestnut Lane
                4233 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ

                1. The Harira at Art of Soup.

                  1. Hit both the PHX and Scottsdale Farmer's market Sat. morning.

                    At the Scottsdale event, there's an AZ cattle rancher selling their selections of beef, and while they usually have big cuts, they also had some small portions of stew meat. This, coupled with lots of different fare from McClendon's, made a terrific stew that simmered all afternoon while spring cleaning the yard. An AZ Bread Co. baguette was used for dipping.

                    At the Phoenix market, I also bought some meat from another rancher (two were present today). This will be for fajitas on Sunday... so this post is not yet definitive. But with tortillas and salsa from the market, one of these meals will get my vote.

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                      Was SRV the rancher at the Phoenix Farmer's Market?

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                        Can't recall the names - I grabbed flyers but seem to have misplaced them. At the downtown market there's often a rancher near the "front" - or NE corner. I bought from the folks who set up at of the inside/middle aisles. The fajitas were great by the way!

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                          Lately, Double Check Ranch has been setting up in the NE corner along the alley/driveway. When Rafter Six is there, they are usually set up in the middle somewhere.



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                            my personal favorite is orme ranch, and they'll be back shortly. their little fella's are, from what i understand, being dry aged.

                            so i'm placating myself with pork from the meat shop ;)

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                              Oops. Forgot about them. Haven't seen them in a while, and I tend to remember them more for their fantastic greens rather than their beef. Glad to hear they will be coming back.

                    2. DH & I went to Richardsons last night, and I had the chimayo chicken & he had the surf and turf, both were really good.

                      1. Homemade bbq ribs and green chile mac & cheese. Finished with a fresh berry cobbler for desert. Good cocktails, a nice bottle pinot, and good friends to boot. Can't beat it...

                        1. The spumoni from Tony's Italian Deli on Dunlap! It's a good thing I only got the little individual cup.

                          1. The mozzarella tomato pesto gallette at Switch. Light, Flakey and filling.

                            1. Definitely NOT the chopped chicken salad I'm sitting here eating at Paradise Bakery. Came over here to get some research done and thought I'd grab some lunch. Ugh. Salty salty salty.

                              1. Tossup between the ankimo (monkfish liver) sashimi and the botan-ebi (fried sweet shrimp heads) at Hiro Sushi last night. The one was toothsome and rich, better than foie gras, the other, delicately sweet and perfectly crunchy.

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                                  Nice, how is Hiro-san these days. Was Eugene your sushi chef? He is pretty awesome.

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                                    He was! Hiro-san was at the other end of the bar -- the man's got another hole-in-one since our last visit, which means it's been way too long.

                                    We put ourselves fully in Eugene's hands, we only specified that we prefered sashimi and nigiri to rolls. Everything he sent out was carefully considered, with flavors chosen to balance and complement the fish, according to his training. Even better, he explained to me why the salmon roe at Hiro is better than any other I've tried.

                                2. The vegan meatball sandwich at Ike's in the Castro, San Francisco.
                                  Served warm on french bread. Really hit the spot.

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                                    please explain: "vegan meatball"?

                                  2. Tie between Green Machaca Burro from Carolina's and homemade spinach-goat cheese-salsa verde quesadilla on Carolina's tortillas. Either way, Carolina's is involved!

                                    1. It's a toss up between the liverwurst sandwich made with rye bread purchased from Yasha from Russia and the duck confit with truffled gnochi from Tapino.

                                      1. Sunday - 10am
                                        Carne Adovada & Eggs with a nice cup of coffee @ Richardson's. My favorite breakfast.

                                        It has a way of taking off the edge that a late Saturday night creates.

                                        1. AJ's did a mailer for buy one get one free USDA prime new york strip steaks. Thanks to the wife not being much of a meat eater that was the best 2 steaks I ate this week! :)

                                          1. The Red Chili at Las Brazos, 32nd St & Thomas. Gets your attention right away with potent seasonings and good meat. Not too hot, but not for the faint of heart...