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Mar 26, 2009 10:28 PM

Visiting NY with 9 year old daughter

In NY mid April with 9 year old daughter who is a picky eater. She sticks to chicken (baked or fried), hamburgers, steak, and burritos. I will eat anything. Would like to go to a nice restaurant (no more than $50 for entree) but kind of intimidated ... a mother and daughter taking up a table. Not sure if we'll be ignored or experience passive service. Looking for suggestions for pre-theatre dinner with a broad menu. I love seafood and would like to try a French restaurant. (Will see two shows). Restaurants do not have to be in theatre district. Staying downtown at Millenium Hilton. Also looking for any other suggestions for breakfast and lunch. I'm looking at Peter Luger's, Henry's, Alice's Tea Cup, Ellen's Stardust Diner, Big Daddy's, Clinton St. Baking Company, Blue Ribbon Bakery, Comfort Diner, and Bubby's. Thanks.

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  1. Comfort Diner, the one downtown (I haven't tried the one on 86th), is really fun. If you love seafood and are going to be in the theater district, I recommend Blue Fin. They do a nice brunch on weekends and my daughter, who is 11 and an enragingly picky eater, loves it. I don't know how far uptown you'd go but Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem is a very fun, kid friendly place with great food. I especially recommend the wings. Cafe D'Alsace on the Upper East Side, is also very good. Hope this helps. I'll keep thinking.

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      The Comfort Diner hasn't been on 86 St for a long time. A giant apartment house is nearing completion on that block, including the spot where the diner was.

    2. New York is very kid friendly, and half the 9 year olds I've met lately were miniature adults. Nobody will look twice. Just pick out places you want to eat, that happen to also have good chicken, steak or burgers. Skip the burritos.

      That said, everything on your list is super kid friendly too, with a lot of similar choices. Comfort Diner, and Big Daddy's are kind of the same thing. Bubby's is good for pie, but you're better off with Clinton St. Baking. Alice's Tea Cup would be a perfect place for a mother/daughter high tea, though I'm not sure if you have to be with a larger group for that. Their baked goods are excellent.

      So here are some other suggestion: Strip House, Blue Smoke, Amy Ruth's, Stanton Social small plates brunch, Pastis or Balthazar (she can order burger, or steak frite), The Smith, Molly's (it's a real deal pub, but they serve food, and I remember thinking it was fun to get to eat in pubs as a kid), Fairway upstairs cafe, and maybe Savoy or Back Porch for chicken.

      Still, these are pretty safe kid suggestions, when you probably just need names of French places with a good steak frite, or roasted chicken....and you can search previous threads looking for good chicken/steak.

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      1. re: sugartoof

        The 23rd Street location of Comfort Diner has closed.
        Sweetie Pie is a fun new ice parlor that during the day is really a kid's treat.

      2. In case you might want to be in the theatre district, DB Bistro Moderne is also an option. Service standards are set high so you shouldnt be treated any different from the next table.

        By the way, Jean Georges two plates $28 lunch deal has a chicken and a beef on the menu.

        1. Also, Peter Luger's is in Brooklyn and Great Neck, not Manhattan.
          For French food at reasonable prices(for a nice French restaurant that is) try Alouette 2588 Broadway Btwn 97th & 98th St . I was just there last night as a matter of fact.

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            What did you have? My parents considered it a decent neighborhood restaurant at one point, but before they might have taken me, they tired of it. Do you know anything about any history of ups and downs or chef changes there?

            1. re: Pan

              I know nothing of the history of the chefs or anything else about the restaurant. This past time I had the scallops. The time before that I had the breast of duck. I enjoyed both dishes. I forget what I had the time before that. Ironically, it was our friends from Chicago who took us to this restaurant in the first place.

          2. You mentioned, Theater District, French, and 9 year old: The Venn diagram comes up with Un Deux Trois. Crayons, paper "table cloths", and decent, fairly priced, food.