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Favorite Chilli in L.A....Recs?

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What's your favorite chili joint in L.A? what's special about them? any recommendations?

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    1. As you can see from the link that Servorg put up, this subject has been the subject of much controversy. Here's a more recent thread on the same subject:


      I remain a big fan of Chili John's although in the interest of full disclosure I have to warn about their limited hours and that they close for one or two months in the summer. The chili is fairly heavy on the oil/fat content, which is how chili is supposed to be, but if you've got a problem with that. be careful.

      I liked Chili My Soul a lot better before they raised their prices by almost fifty percent a year-and-a-half ago.

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        I can't stand Chili My Soul -- confused and soulless food-type substances wandering around a bowl. The several kinds I tried were neither chili (which I can accept) nor delicious (which I can't). Clueless staff on my two visits.

        I haven't been to Chili John's in eons. One of my favorite homey meals is chili and a grilled-cheese sandwich, but I don't see the sandwich on their menu. Is there a place nearby that sells good grilled cheeses? Thanks.