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Mar 26, 2009 08:33 PM

Is there a way to get deli-thin slices of roast beef without a slicing machine?

There are a few cheaper cuts of beef that are too tough for ordinary roast beef but if sliced thinly enough, across the grain, make good sandwiches. Without a deli slicer, however, that's a tall order. I'm wondering if the slicing blade of a food processor would work, or a mandoline, if the cooked meat were refrigerated or semi-frozen. Does anyone know any tricks, or is the only option a really good knife and a lot of patience?

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  1. Pretty sure a food processor or mandoline isn't going to work.
    The only time I've frozen meat to slice thin is when its uncooked with a knife.
    Not sure what freezing a cooked piece of beef would be taste like, but you could slice it thin with a knife.

    If I want deli thin sliced roast beef I just buy the Costco stuff.

    1. I slice mine very thin with an electric knife.
      It is time consuming & you have to pay attention to what you're doing.
      I just put on some nice music & go.

      1. A poor man's slicer I once saw in action was three pieces of wood (maple I think) bottom and two sides, onto which a roast was deposited. It fit snugly between the two vertical sides as it rested on the bottom. The meat was allowed to extend past the ends of the vertical elements just enough to permit a VERY sharp knife to be passed through it while the knife blade rested against the ends of the wood pieces. Seemed to work OK; in a primitive way. But a mandolin would not work and trying to make those very thin cuts free hand would drive me nuts.

        1. You should be able to get extremely thin slices of meat with a sharp carving knife, some elbow grease, and patience. My husband always slices london broil and other tougher cuts of meat super, super thin - almost too thin for my preferences - and certainly thin enough for deli slices. We use either the "slicing" or carving knife the came in our Henckles block set.

          1. Practice, practice, practice...................