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Mar 26, 2009 07:08 PM

Great Quohogs (Belly Clams) on LI

Had some great whole belly clams at Nicky's in Bayshore. Every bit as good as Woodmans in Essex, Ma and other places in RI. The clams were exceptionally clean and perfectly fried.
The portion for the 'Clam Barge' was more than generous. The Bass ale was served in a mug so cold that the overflow beer froze outside of the mug. This place is great now, but once it gets warm you can't get near due to the ferry traffic to Fire Island. The shack is located at the south end of Maple Avenue, Bayshore. Just make a left before the parking lots and a quick rightl. Now is the time to go. The clams were better than I ever remember them there.


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