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Mar 26, 2009 06:24 PM

Dundas West -- new place - used to be the Metal Bar

Something new and nice looking is going in on Dundas West, west of dovercourt, where the Metal Bar used to be. Anyone have any gossip? It is a tricky location, and they are really making a big change, at least to the exterior! I am so curious!

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  1. I work around there, but can't seem to recall seeing anything going on. North or south side of the street?

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    1. re: Davedigger

      South side. It is in the basement. It was a club for about 3 weeks in the winter, after the demise of 'The Metal Bar' -- the windows were covered in a huge picture of people drinking that looked like it was from a bacardi ad. I saw one of the people from restaurant makeover (a contractor or something like that) hauling in a big refrigeration unit a few days ago.

    2. How I miss the metal bar where it would take 10 minutes to get a can of beer and they'd run out of booze by 11PM. The space looked like it used to be a Portuguese nightclub before it became the metal bar. Will be interesting to see what goes in!

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        Was it not a portuguese steak house or something...? Perhaps South American???