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Mar 26, 2009 06:10 PM

ran out of sugar, need help...

ok. so it isn't the end of the world, but i am out of sugar and was wondering if it would be okay to sub light brown sugar in a sour cream banana bread.
thanks in advance,

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  1. Here's a whole bunch of banana bread recipes that use brown sugar. It looks like most of the ones I glanced at called for about 1 cup packed brown sugar to 2 eggs and 2 cups flour, among other ingredients. At least one recipe called for a little less sugar. So it may depend on how sweet you like it.

    Here's the list of links with recipes:

    1. Absolutely. I have a recipe for banana bread that I often sub 3/4 cup light brown sugar for 1 cup of the regular stuff. For me, I prefer it as it adds a little dimension.

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        Second this - I also prefer brown sugar in banana bread. Its molasses flavor complements the bananas' flavor.

      2. *Depending on the recipe* I really think that many recipes these days call for way too much sugar (Epicurious for one--obscene amounts of sugar in lots of their quick breads and I almost always decrease by 1/2 cup without harm) ...and you have the natural sugar in your very ripe bananas to contend with...all is not lost...I would even decrease (as I usually do) the amount of sugar called for in your recipe.

        1. you know, i have been making this banana bread for-ev-er. it never even occurred to me to check the web for other recipes.
          one thing that i noted... my batter separated and my kitchen aid (gertrude) wasn't able to get it together. once i added the flour it was fine, but will know when it comes out of the oven.
          thanks so much for the help!