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Mar 26, 2009 05:20 PM

Help needed finding type of Cambodian Sausage

Hi, fellow Chowhounds.

In college when I was your typical starving student I visited a couple of friends and they had brought this DRY and SOURISH sausage (not sweet), we dipped it into used a chili and fish sauce combination and ate them with mounds of fluffy and fragrant steaming jasmine rice. I've seen the Chinese lap cheoung and the Filipino longaniza, but I know where to get those type of sausages. I was wondering what these types of sausages were called and where could I buy them at (I was thinking of trekking into Long Beach, but actually having the name of the sausage could help me when I call around).

Thanks in advance,


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  1. Sounds like Thai sour sausage -- side gorg isaan.

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      Those Cambodian sausages are not the same as the Lao sausages called Sai Gork ("Side Gorg") in the Issan region of Thailand. The Cambodian ones seem fairly simple with minced meat and coarsely chopped galanga. They're definitely not sweet, because they have a definite sourness to them. Cambodian sausages are lovely. Unfortunately, I don't know the name of those Cambodian sausages. Lao sausages (Sai Gork/Sai Oua) and Cambodian sausages are my favorite sausages in the world.

    2. The sauce sounds like Thai naam prik . Are the sausages like any of those at these sites?
      My wife sometimes makes Lao sai gawk sausages at home.

      1. You can find those sausages at LAX-C market on the outskirts of Chinatown.

        1100 N Main St
        Los Angeles, CA 90012
        (323) 343-9000

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          1. hi! well my mom makes them all the time, they're called kwah goh, I'm use to calling it twah koh, and I believe we have the best tasting kwah koh.

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              I've heard it pronounced both ways...either as twah koh or kwah koh, which pronunciation is more common?

              1. re: yummyrice

                sorry lol. both ways are correct, pick which ever way you want to say it lol