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Mar 26, 2009 05:20 PM

Walk-ins at 112 [MSP]

It just so happens that I've got a few friends coming to town tommorrow night, and they want to eat at 112. Problem is they just popped this on me, and 112 does not have any open tables. Do they save a few tables for walk-ins, and has anyone had any luck getting in with out reservations? Thanks for your help.

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    1. re: Foureyes137

      4 people, Thanks I should have included that.

      1. re: robertsscotty

        On a Friday night? Very slim chance. However, you never know. My suggestion is that you pop by, see if you have a chance of getting a table. If not, go across the street to Saffron. Either 112 or Saffron will be an excellent dinner.

        1. re: Jordan

          You could try getting there when they open and all sitting at the bar.

    2. I have actually never had a reservation when I've eaten there. To be clear, though, I've either gotten there at opening, taken advantage of a cancellation, or have been there late at night (10 or later).

      1. I've gotten a walk-in table for 4 there very early on a Fri. But you have to be standing outside when they open. Worth a try, unless you don't want to eat at 5P.