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ISO cookies, scones in Berkeley for tea party

I'm planning to have a tea party for my roommate's birthday and I wanted to know the best places to buy small cookies (by the pound) and/or scones in Berkeley or North Oakland. Since we're students, the cheaper the better.

On a semi-related note, can I find clotted cream at groceries like Whole Foods or would I need to go to a British specialty goods store?

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  1. You can get good little cookies at the Market Hall Bakery in Rockridge, but I don't know if they have scones. Pasta Shop might have clotted cream, too, you could call them to check. Also, check with 4th Street Pasta Shop, depending on where in Berkeley you are.

    1. Might check Butter Cream in Albany. I believe they offer the scones and cookies w/ their afternoon tea service, so they probably sell them as well.

      1. I did see them at The Pasta Shop, but be warned, it's expensive!

        I also saw it at Andronico's.

        1. They sell clotted cream at Whole Foods.

          Masse's pastries sells scones (not too big, which is great for a tea party) and small cookies (not by the pound, generally 60 cents each) which would work well.

          1. You might try Neldams for cookies by the pound.

            If you can bake at all, you might want to do some things yourself -- here's a thread, with recipes, for a tea party I had recently:

            This recipe is particularly easy and delicious:

            Neldam's Danish Bakery
            3401 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

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              I agree with this. I ALWAYS bake my own scones when I have a tea party, and make my own lemon curd. It is so worth it. I make the scones about half size, so that people can have more than 1 if they like. I usually make a plain base, then add chopped bittersweet chocolate to a third, and currants and/or lemon zest to another third.

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                thanks! I did see your thread -- really helpful. I think we will end up making our own scones, and I want to try that oatemal shortbread recipe

              2. The scones at Bakesale Betty are pretty awesome but aren't petite tea stuff. Not sure if you'd call the British but they are Aussie. Also, the Lambingtons would be great as well.

                1. I don't know if they are at the Berkeley or Oakland Grocery Outlets, but San Pablo still has Artisan Bakers shortbread biscuits which are hand made in England. I thought they were amazing. All top-notch ingrediants like real suger, clotted cream, and 25% butter. They would be so perfect for a tea party and they are SO INEXPENSIVE ... 50 cents a box.

                  I bought some for a friend who later called me evil for buying them since he polished off a whole box in one sitting ... I, blush, did the same with my first box.

                  There are three flavors .. vanilla & creme, honey almond and chocolate raspberry
                  The vanilla & cream are the best. The honey almond are also very nice. I didn't like the raspberry flavor (from juice) in the chocolate, but I rarely like raspberry flavoring in cookies.

                  I also agree Neldam's cookies are a good idea. They aren't as expensive as many places, are very pretty and tasty.

                  I haven't tried them, but Virginia Bakery in Berkeley has has some pretty petit fours lately.

                  Maybe as an accent, I was at Sweet Adeline bakery today and they had some drop-dead gorgeous cupcakes decorated on top with fresh flowers ... some were brightly colored minature pansies ... and other flowers.

                  1. If you want a cheap alternative to clotted cream, you might try whipping cream in a food processor (this incorporates less air, creating a denser cream)...my mother would even drizzle cool melted butter in through the feed tube while it was whipping for extra fat!

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                      Another nice alternative to clotted cream is a very fresh, mild mascarpone. The stuff they sell at Cowgirl Creamery at the Ferry Building is fabulous and not that expensive.

                    2. Mollie Stone's also carries clotted cream and Devonshire cream. It can be found on the shelf with the jams and jellies. If you are willing to drive to SF, John Campbell's Irish bakery offers fabulous scones in a variety of flavors. I have used their scones for several high teas at my home and received rave reviews.
                      5625 Geary Blvd
                      (between 20th Ave & 21st Ave)
                      San Francisco, CA 94121

                      (415) 387-1536

                      1. I imagine this is a little late, but here's an idea for future reference... Spun Sugar is a cake decorating shop on University Ave. in Berkeley (at California) and it sells little, pre-made frosting flowers. Make cupcakes - even from a mix and canned frosting - and plop some frosting pansies and roses on them in 1s and 3s, and you have instant cute for a tea party...