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Mar 26, 2009 04:00 PM

Fried Oysters

Im having a craving for fried oysters. Looking for a place with amazing ones.

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  1. I've had the fried oyster po'boy at Hanks Oyster Bar in Alexandria and it was very good. They serve them as an appetizer as well. I was at the Market Lunch in Eastern Market a few days ago and the guy next to me had a fried oyster po'boy and it looked great. Both places give a generous portions.

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    1. re: milocat

      I'm from Baltimore, that's a bit further that I am willing to go Haha.

    2. Just went to Chris Patternote's new restaurant in Federal Hill last Friday. It's got a funky Italian name that i'm finding impossible to remember but their Fried Oysters were stellar. Great batter and accompaniments that just matched perfectly. They do tapas sized portions but the flavor was excellent.

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      1. re: onocoffee

        It's called Taverna Corvino. I had the fried oysters there and thought they were pretty good, but not stellar. They weren't served piping hot, which knocked a few points off their score.

        Yellow Dog Tavern in Canton does some fine fried oysters.

      2. Try Reter's in Reisterstown. My wife ordered them Monday night and they were huge.

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          Ryleigh's Osyter Bar in Federal Hill has some of the best fried oysters I've ever had. Panko Fried and placed on top of a mini-cobb salad in their shell. Spinach, egg, bacon and fried oysters..

            1. re: mcattrone

              I don't typically like fried oysters but I'll agree with you on that one for sure!

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                I went yesterday and had these oysters...Terrific...I woulda ordered a second helping but I didn't have enough time!!! To quote MacArthur "I will.....

            2. Hank's Oyster Bar has good fried oysters. I think they also have them at Acadiana.

              I also had good ones at Central the other night (but they are not your typical fried oyster....still quite good).

              1. I would have to say Mamas on the Half Shell, you can get them as an appetizer, an entree, on a sandwich, on a caesar salad (which is very yummy)!