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Mar 26, 2009 03:50 PM

Looking for dives..

My boyfriend and I are going to visit Chicago in May and I am in charge of the food part of the trip because im the foodie. We really like small local places that most people tend to stay away from haha. Im also looking for dive bars if anyone can help me out there too. We are putting most of our money into the trip so Im looking for places more on the cheap side. Any help would be great thanks!

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  1. Are you looking for places that are actually crummy/decrepit, or just inexpensive? Because I can think of a lot of inexpensive places to eat, including many storefront neighborhood restaurants offering various ethnic cuisines, but I would not refer to most of them as "dives".

    Also, in what part of the area (city neighborhood or suburban town) will you be spending time and staying? Chicago is a huge city, with the metro area extending 100 miles from end to end; even the area generally called "downtown" is too large to be easily walkable from one end to the other.

    And are you willing to travel to different neighborhoods around the city? If so, will it be by car, or by public transit?

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      We are staying by the airport I am pretty sure. One thing that he would want is a really good chili dog, we have gone to many places and none are good enough. As far as the dive part we are more "dive bar" people. We don't go to clubs. Neighborhood place bars/places to eat is a better way to say it I guess. Cheaper is better, but if its worth it we don't mind spending. No chains. Best Pizza would be good to know too.

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        Which airport? We have two, O'Hare and Midway.

        Will you have a car? (That affects whether or not to recommend places that aren't convenient to public transportation, and whether to provide directions by car or by transit.)

        Here's a discussion about hot dogs:

        Asking about the best pizza in Chicago is guaranteed to generate disagreement. Here are a couple of discussions where you can find many opinions on that subject:

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          I will but we want to park it and used transit. My boyfriend likes sweeter sauce on pizza.

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          I think you'll be wasting precious time looking for a great chili dog around here. That's not our style (it's hard enough just to find good chili in Chicago.) This is our style:

          Plenty of recs on a nearby thread on "3 great dogs."

          By the way, do you want a dive bar with great blues, as well as decent-enough cajun-style food? Try here:

      2. If you come into town--like actual downtown Chicago--a GREAT! dive is the (original?) Billy Goat under (yep, under) Michigan Avenue. You can get a fine chee' burger but no Coke. Trust me, it's worth the trip.

        I'm scouting out CTA friendly chili dawgs for ya this week...

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        1. I'm assuming your staying by O'Hare because I don't think there is a multidude of hotels by Midway.

          You'll be close to the BLUE line then. Check out the Wicker Park area and the Bucktown area for some cool little bars and restuarants. Do a search on here for more info.

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          1. re: lbs

            There are actually quite a few nice hotels near Midway Airport, including a Marriott, a Courtyard by Marriott, Fairfield Inn, Residence Inn, etc. They are all located along what is called the "Midway Hotel Center", the stretch of Cicero Avenue south of 63rd Street, the southern boundary of the airport. Many local Chicagoans are not aware of their existence because anyone approaching the airport by car or cab from the Stevenson Expressway gets to the airport first and doesn't drive that far south on Cicero Avenue.

            We still don't know whether the OP is staying near O'Hare or near Midway.

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              Hi there - sorry to revive an old post - but I'm heading to Chicago for business in a couple weeks and I'm staying in this Midway Hotel Center. Are there any good restaurants around this area - I will likely have a car but won't have time to travel more than just around that area......

              Thanks!!! (I know - I'm missing all the downtown places - but OTOH, my wife would kill me if I went to those places without her.....)

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                >> Midway Hotel Center. Are there any good restaurants around this area

                You might want to take a look at these topics:

                Sunday Lunch Near Midway -
                Interesting places near Midway Airport? -
                Help near Midway -
                Recs needed for MDW Area -
                Good Eats Near Midway? -

                >> I will likely have a car but won't have time to travel more than just around that area......

                FWIW, by car, if it's not prime commuting time, you can get downtown in under 20 minutes.

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                  Zaragoza Restaurant
                  4852 S. Pulaski Rd. (1 block N. of Archer Ave.)
                  (773) 523-3700

                  A unique, one-of-a-kind Mexican restaurant serving a style of birria ... roasted goat served with made-in-front-of-you corn tortillas and a helping of TLC from the Zaragoza family. BYOB. Call ahead to confirm the hours on the day you might visit. Probably a 10-minute drive from your hotel.

                  1. re: techmasterten

                    6314 S. Cicero (at 63rd Street)
                    (773) 585-6100

                    Two blocks north of your hotel on Cicero, just a short walk away. Chicago's best-known purveyor of double-crust "stuffed pizza", one of two main types of our delicious deep-dish pizza.

                    And, if you'd like to try the other type...

                    Lou Malnati's
                    3859 West Ogden Avenue (near Cermak/22nd and Pulaski)
                    Chicago, IL 60623

                    About 10-12 minutes drive from your hotel. Chicago's best-known purveyor of single-crust "pizza in the pan".

                    Wherever you go, phone ahead with your pizza order to avoid waiting 30-45 minutes while seated for your pizza to bake.

                    1. re: nsxtasy

                      This is a little late, but I certainly hope no one took you up on the Ogden Ave Malnati's. It's Lou Malnati in name only. When we were there a couple of years ago, it was basically a neighborhood place that served soulfood and tolerated as best as can the occasional pizza order. Service was very kindly, but food execution was execrable. In response to a request for a cheese pizza w/ anchovies, we got a cheese & sausage pizza (obviously long-frozen) w/ hideously dessicated anchovy bits on top. It was by miles the worst pizza experience I've ever had, and the apologetic way in which it was served led me to believe there was no possibility of sending this puppy back to the kitchen. I've no idea why the Malnati chain continues to lend its name to this place.

              2. For chili dogs you need to go to Detroit. But for good cheap food you are heading to a wonderful city. Let us know exactly where you are staying and the places you plan to visit so we can better help you out.

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                    There are several steakhouses in the O'Hare area, but they are not dives. OTOH you can get some good $9 burgers there. I'm referring primarily to Gibson's; other steakhouses in the area include Morton's, Capital Grille, Wildfire, and Rosebud.

                    Flamingo's Seafood has spectacular regional Mexican cuisine, emphasizing seafood dishes. This is NOT your conventional Mexican restaurant; check out the menu on their website. Great food and the decor in this converted former gyros restaurant is eclectic, some might think it divey.

                    Giordano's, at River Road and Higgins, has delicious double-crust "stuffed" deep-dish pizza. Phone ahead with your pizza order to avoid waiting 30-45 minutes while seated for your pizza to bake.

                    For Thai food near O'Hare, lots of folks recommend Elephant Thai, at 5348 W Devon Ave.

                    For Italian beef sandwiches, Al's #1 Italian Beef has a location at Cumberland and Higgins.

                    Depending on where you are staying, you are probably near one of the stops on the CTA Blue Line (that's our elevated subway). From there, you can easily get to some of our better food places. (For transit info, see ). If you enjoy barbecue, and particularly if you enjoy dry-rub barbecue with a strong smoky flavor, you'll like Smoque; take the Blue Line to the Irving Park stop and walk two blocks. Honey 1 barbecue has a higher "dive quotient" than Smoque, although it's not quite as close to the el; it's about half a mile north of the Western stop. Or, you can take the Blue Line to the Logan Square stop, where you'll find Lula offering local/seasonal foods ( ) and, a few blocks down Milwaukee Avenue, Real Tenochtitlan ( ), another option for creative provincial Mexican food. Of course, there are many, many places in downtown Chicago, too many to list.

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                      I would urge everyone to avoid the Al's on Higgins west of Cumberland. It is nothing like the original Al's, and in fact offers a pretty mediocre (at best) beef sandwich.

                      1. re: nsxtasy

                        I picked my DH from the airport last night and had always wanted to try Flamingo's - we were not disapppointed!

                        They serve blue corn chips with a tomatillo salsa and another dish with ceviche.

                        We started off with a app - baked goat cheese in a chorizo/ chipotle sauce. This was to die for - SPICY but GOOD!

                        I had the Filete de Dorado con costra de cangrejo which is
                        Pan fried Hawaiian Mahimahi with crab meat crust and chipotle lobster sauce.

                        Again, very good. Simple, fish cooked perfectly. The only complaint (and it is minor) that I would make is that I did not care for the rice. It was very brothy and was pretty overpowering.

                        DH had the Filete de Matarraya en poblano chile salsa - Pan fried Skatewin fillet in poblano strips, served in a cream sauce. It was also served with saffron rice - his rice was MUCH better than mine.

                        I also had the 20 oz margarita. Darn thing was a MONSTER.

                        They also put on a tasting menu for $38. That will be next time...

                        Also, if you are using a GPS, please be aware that it comes up as Marisqueria Flamingo's.

                        The menu online is also out of date as there are new dishes and some are no longer offered or are out of season.

                  2. Not dives, but I think I'm on track for what your talkin about - Check out Feed at Chicago and California, Taqueria Traspasa at Ashland and Chicago

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                      Siam Noodle at Leland and Broadway (just South of Leland) has great cheap thai food and is a byob. They were featured on check please (a local show about local restaurants). It is sooooo good! If you like Ethiopian, Ras Dashen (Broadway and Ardmore, just north of Hollywood) is fantastic. It's definitely affordable (neither place at all is a dive, but definitely not going to empty your wallet) and delicious. You can get meat combo dishes and vegetarian platters, lots of choices! If I think of any other ideas I'll post them!