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Mar 26, 2009 03:46 PM

montreal's chinatown

i miss the dim sum in chinatown...where is the best place to go these days?...and if not dim sum who has the best chinese food?...thanks

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  1. There isn't much choice for dim sum in Chinatown, only Kam Fung and Ruby Rouge. If you have a car, you should go to the South Shore and eat at Jing Hua on Taschereau. They have more selection on the weekends.

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    1. re: yumfoodmtl

      I prefer Ruby Rouge over Kam Fung.
      I may be out-of-touch, but doesn't Lotte Furama (an entrance St. Laurent but main facade on Clark) have dim sum? Does Tong Por, corner of Gauchetiere and St. Dominique have dim sum as well?
      We tried Jing Hua a couple of times a year or so ago. First time was very good, second time we were ignored by the staff...
      I've heard good things (on other threads as well as scuttlebut in chinatown) about the dim sum in the new Tong Por location in Ville St. Laurent. Don't know exactly where it is, apparently at the old 'President'.

      "Best" chinese is quite subjective, as most have their favorite spots. Me? I like Beijing on La Gauchetiere near St. Urbain.

      1. re: porker

        Yes, there's also Lotte Furama and Tong Por and (probably) Chez Chine in the Holiday Inn on St. Urbain, and probably some lower key, more limited options. (The place at the corner of Clark and de la Gauchetière that was (is?) called Ming Do used to serve dim sum and might still. Last time I tried it, shortly after the former Ming Do vacated the space that's now Lotte Furama, it was dreadful.)

        Generally I prefer Kam Fung, but Ruby Rouge does have more variety and is going to be just as good most of the time, with the caveat that the place is so huge that your table's location can make a noticeable difference to freshness and selection.

        As for Chinese food in general, generic noodle joints aside, I think the "Concordia ghetto" area is giving old Chinatown a real run for its money. Qing Hua Dumpling, Cuisine Szechuan, even Pret à Manger, and various other promising sounding places I've yet to try, all make the area pretty exciting.

        I still like Beijing, but it seems tired. That 200-dish menu has an awful lot of pedestrian, Canadianized dishes on it. I suppose it's better if you stick to the seafood specials.

        1. re: Mr F

          Lotte Furama has reportedly closed.

          Agree with several other of your points, especially re the Concordia Chinatown (and you left out perhaps the best resto of all: Oui&Oui).

          Beijing hasn't wowed me the last few times I've been. Keung Kee, Niu Kee and Little Sheep are my go-to Chinatown restos these days. Amigo's on the try-soon list. For Chinatown dim sum, Kam Fung and Ruby Rough are a toss-up. The best dim sum I find is in the 'burbs, alas, especially Brossard's New Jing Hua and Cartierville's Tong Por.(the former Président).

          A couple of older threads worth checking out:

          1. re: carswell

            i dont think any place in that area can beat keung kee on the freshness of their seafood. their ginger lobster tastes like it's fresh from the sea

            1. re: carswell

              Although I can't say I've been to many restaurants for Dim Sum, I've recently been to Maison Kam Fung..... When my friend and I got there, we were seated and these weird over-speeded ladies with huge Dim Sum carts rushed to our table! I mean, they were already putting plates of Dim Sum on the table BEFORE we even had sat down!!! They were asking us if we wanted this, and if we wanted that.....I tried to ask one of the ladies how much all this was gonna cost....but alas the language barrier prevented us from understanding each other!!! So my friend and I left right in the middle of there service (I know, it's rude, but I only had 20$ to pay for both of us).

              1. re: Har_Gow_Freak

                Are you saying that you were refusing items and they were putting them down on your table anyway? I find that hard to believe. I've seen some pretty pushy dim-sum ladies, but never to that extent.

                You can know how much it will cost by adding up the items on your bill. They mark it every time you order something and it's set up so you can add it up pretty quickly and easily.

                1. re: SnackHappy

                  How much money should I bring for all the Dim Sum?

                  1. re: Har_Gow_Freak

                    How big is your stomach? Mine is pretty big and I've never paid more than $15 at yum cha (dim sum). Most times, I spend around $10-$12.

                    1. re: SnackHappy

                      How much Dim Sum do you get for your 10-12$?

                      1. re: Har_Gow_Freak

                        How much dim sum? Plenty. Enough to not want any more. I can't really quantify it. We just show up, eat until we can eat no more, and then we pay the bill. I've never left the table after yum cha wanting more food and I've never had any bad surprises when paying the bill.

              2. re: carswell

                They have the BEST General Tao Chicken at Keung Kee, the best Salt & Pepper Shrimp at Beijing.
                I'm planning to try Little Sheep, Niu Kee and Ruby Rouge very soon!

              3. re: Mr F

                Just my opinion, but I both hated Lotte Furama and Tong Por. Lotte Furama's food was overpriced and service was bad. Tong Por's food tasted cheap and was lukewarm.

                1. re: Har_Gow_Freak

                  Lotte Furama has been closed for a year now, but when it was open I found it difficult to spend more than $12 per person - not sure how that was overpriced. And never had a single issue with service in many visits.

                  1. re: kpzoo

                    It has been ages since I visited Lotte Furama! Then again, my memories of the place remain fuzzy. I could be wrong on what I said (I might have gone there in 2006-07? And I ate there only once!). My opinions concerning Tong Por have not changed though.

                2. re: Mr F

                  I recently went to Chez Chine to celebrate my 21th birthday. The food was okay and quality was acceptable. I had their General Tao Chicken (I know, I'm not very original when I could take a traditional dish instead). I also ordered their Young Chow Fried Rice, wich tasted like "Uncle Ben's". I have to admit that Chez Chine is the nicest looking restaurant in Chinatown!

                  1. re: Mr F

                    Tried Ming Do yesterday. Their Har Gow was sticking to the steaming basket! If anyone goes there, go upstairs to their bathrooms to get the nasty surprise of seeing the dirtiest bathrooms I've seen in Chinatown!

                    1. re: Mr F

                      Tong Por has recently become Tong Sing. Check it out on my topic:

                3. What about Dim Sum in the morning? is that possible?

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                  1. re: cath_couturier

                    I think Kam Fung opens at 7am, but in the morning, they give you a piece of paper and you check whatever you want to order and they make it.

                    1. re: cath_couturier

                      Ruby Rouge opens at 9:00am. I'm pretty sure they have dim sum on Sat and Sun mornings, don't know about during the week.

                        1. re: cath_couturier

                          We finaly went to Ruby Rouge sat morning, it was quite good. They had Dim sum - Actually , the place was packed at around 12 (we arrived a little before 11 and it was perfect). I should have better read this thread, we were supposed to go to the now closed Lotte Furama!!

                      1. Dim sum is crap in Montreal. If you get to go to Toronto, eat there and you'll know what I mean. Otherwise the restuarant in Holiday Inn is amongst the better ones. I find Kam Fung too much of a factory.

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                        1. re: theproo

                          100% agreed. Much more variety in Toronto and Vancouver. The best dim sum in Chinatown would be Kam Fung, ever since Furama closed down :(
                          Jing Hua on the south shore is good too, but the place is always packed. Some advice from a Chinese girl, in order to get "good" service in Chinese restaurants especially durimg the Dim Sum period, go with someone who can speak Chinese -- mandarin or cantonese .
                          Racist, probably. Unjust, maybe. Truthful, definitely!

                          1. re: Yummylicious

                            I agree with your service aspect, Yummy. I also don't make a big deal of it, thats just the way it is.
                            I agree, however, its more than inconvenient to ask my Chinese friends everytime I want to eat out...

                          2. re: theproo

                            They got the best Har Gow at New Dynasty (on Clark street & Brady alley [yes that's in Montreal Chinatown]).

                          3. I usually go to New Dynasty for Dim Sum. The restaurant is located on Clark street and Brady alley (just south from Rene-Levesque). There Har Gow is the best I've tasted! Amigo (located on St-Laurent boulevard (just south from La Gauchetiere) has great Dim Sum!

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                            1. re: Har_Gow_Freak

                              Amigo serves dim sum? Maybe they have har gow on their menu, but that's about it(to my knowledge).

                            2. The original comment has been removed