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Mar 26, 2009 03:37 PM

Caribbean Feast

Saw that this place got a 25 from Zagat, has a billion Cheap Eats awards, etc. Spent most of my lunch break driving there and back, only to find that the food was totally lame.

The jerk chicken was tender, but lacking any of the smokey flavor that would make it true jerk. The skin was like a wet rag, not at all crisp.

The curried goat had more bone than meat. The roti was pretty good.

The jerk fish is a definite do-not order.

The sides were equally disappointing. Peas and rice lacked coconut milk, seasoning, flavor. There was maybe one pea for every 300 grains of rice. Cabbage was fine, a little sweet. Cornbread was dry, tough, no real corn flavor.

Really? How did this place get so over-hyped? Has it gone downhill? According to my friend who is Jamaican, it was not authentic. But this would be pretty irrelevant if the food tasted good.

It didn't.

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  1. Sorry you didn't enjoy it. It's close to where I work, so it's a pretty common choice for lunch, for a lot of people. Actually, just today, about 10 of us met for a little work shindig, and maybe it's not the most authentic interpretation, we always have found the food to be tasty, reasonably priced, and the staff are extremely friendly. I especially like the brown stew chicken, and the spicy chicken patties. I loved the spicy beef loaf but they stopped making them, which saddened me terribly. We've gone for awhile now, and it's good for what you make and expect of it.

    1. I'm assuming that you're referring to the Caribbean Feast which is located on Rt 355 (Frederick Road) in Rockville.

      I'm been going there, off and on, for several years. I take my hat off to this place because they were the first (and still one of the very few) Carribean restaurants to be located north of the District, in the northern part of Montgomery County. However, it isn't the best Caribbean food I've had.

      Everything that Homesmax mentioned (above) is true. The biggest problem is that almost nothing there is made-to-order. Everything is cooked ahead of time and served from a cafeteria-type warming table. Tasty curries become oily and the meat becomes overdone. The fish gets tough and greasy. Even the vegetable sides get cremated.

      The one thing I can vouch for are the Jamaican beef patties (the staple of any Carribean Feast). They appear to be fresh (most of the time) and even though they keep them in a warmer, they are truly good.

      If anyone knows of some good alternatives, let me know.