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Mar 26, 2009 03:33 PM

Super-cheap catering/delivery/take-out for 20 people?


I’m having around 20 people over for a party. I want to serve an informal, fun dinner and have some drinks after.

I’m trying to think of a way to serve a dinner that’s really cheap – up to, say, around $10 per person. (And I don't want to cook...)

Anyone have any ideas/recommendations for super-cheap catering/delivery/take-out?

I’m around Parkdale, if that makes a difference...

Any suggestions/tips much appreciated!

(ps – some of the guests will be vegetarian, and one or two are gluten-intolerant. Suggestions that could accommodate all these people are welcome, but not necessary…)

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  1. I recently had to produce a fast(i.e., very short notice) and cheap reception nosh for 20 and simply hit Loblaws for PC frozen goodies and some salads from their take-out counter. Laid out on attractive serving pieces, it did the trick and vanished quickly. At your per capita allowance, you're not going to do much better aside from cardboard pizza or gloppy Chinese food.

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      yes..presentation is everything.
      You can pick up some nice serving dishes at ikea or even dollarama.
      I would also suggest costco.

      Ive had people over for chinese (from lotus pond vegetarain restaurant) and the stuff looked gorgeos given the right serving serving dishes. The cost per person was probably slighty more than $10 per person - but worth it.

      Or you could do sushi platters...and serve wasabi peas, edamame beans, and other snacks that would compliment the sushi.

      Good Luck.

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        Not to sidetrack this post too much, but Kagemusha what have you found in the PC freezer section that you find edible? I never seem to have any luck.

      2. The Sardina churessca Basilian chicken place just east of Pizza Nova on College (I forget the exact name but it is the best in the city and cheap.
        The hot sauce is a secret recepie and addictive. The fries are also mouth watering and overflowing. Lick the fingers good.

        Buddhas Vegetarian would run you about $5/person and some of their main staples are really good.

        Mother of India for Rotis in Parkdale

        Large order of sandwhiches from San Francesca. They also have excellent veggie ones on fresh kaisers.

        Simon Sushi is crazy cheap (college and Spadina)_

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        1. re: food face

          Kagemusha, Godess, Face - These are all great suggestions! Thanks!

          1. re: ManInSuit

            That vegetarian Ethiopian place at Queen & Brock could supply a feast for $200. And its not all screaming hot. And since everythings served on injera and eaten with injera, there's minimal cleanup!

            1. re: Dimbulb

              All of these are great ideas. The party is tomorrow. I think we'll go with one of the many portuguese barbecues in the area. I'll ask aroudn today. Our party is tomorrow at 8:00, so the deciding factor might be which of the places is open at that time (many of them close early on Sunday, I think...)

              1. re: ManInSuit

                I was sad to see that the Brasil Portugese Sardina Bros closed. Oh Well, I'm sure Barraida can service any large party. Have a great time and have fun wherever you end up eating with. Let us know though Manln.

                1. re: food face

                  In the end, we went with Churrasqueira Oliveira, a very small take-out place on college just east of Dovercourt, partly because they were able to accommodate our pick-up time, partly because I've been there a bunch of times and really like it.

                  The food was delicious, plentiful, and crazy cheap. We paid $145 for dinner for 20 people , but it could easily have fed 30. Really good tasty stuff.

                  (Baraida wanted around $220, which is, of course, also pretty damn reasonable...)

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                    ManIn Suit. I will remember Churrasqueira Oliveira for next time! Glad to hear you provided ad great meal for your party

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                          It turned out there was only one strict vegetarian and one who ate fish. They brought some veggie sausages, and had them with the potatoes, rice, and Salad. We didn't to a great job of providing for them, I guess, but I think they had an okay time...