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Mar 26, 2009 03:30 PM

Murphy's in Montreal????

Does anyone know where to get a pint of Murphy's stout in the downtown area?

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    1. re: Shattered

      That's a shame. I hate Crescent Street.

      1. re: Delmare

        Yeah, me too, but that's the only place I could confirm from my computer.

        Alternatively, there's McKibbin's on Bishop. They don't list their beers, which is pretty dumb, but they do boast of 24 on draught, so I imagine Murphy's is one of 'em. I remember that Harp, Smithwick's, Kilkenny, and obviously Guinness are.

    2. Not downtown, but with the summer days coming you can't go bad here:

      Club De Golf De L'Ile de Montreal


      1. The Old Dublin.

        I'm having trouble finding the new address online, but it's around the corner from the old one. South side of Cathcart, just east of University.

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          1. re: Mr F

            Actually, that was the first place I thought of, but a look at their website shows they don't have it on draught. Neither does Irish Embassy. Weird.

            1. re: Shattered

              Well, they had it last time I was there. I guess there's a slight chance I'm misremembering and they had some other non-Guinness Irish stout, such as Beamish.

          2. Well, I had the perfect pint of Murphy's tonight. It was at O'Regan's on Bishop. I think that this is going to be my local now.
            Now if I could only meet a wonderful woman....lol