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Mar 26, 2009 02:50 PM

Eleven Madison or Degustation--please help me decide.

I will be in NY next week for opera, theater and chow!

I'll be having lunches at Le Bernardin, Jean Georges, Momofuku Saam Bar, and Katz's.

I have reservation at Annisa for dinner one night.

Now I need another dinner.

I can't decide between Eleven Madison Park or Degustation.

Is EMP too similar to LB and JG? Should I do Degustation for variety? I like fresh ingredients and innovative cooking. Which one should I pick?

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  1. Go for Degustation....mainly for the variety factor. Love 11 Mad. but there is a parallel with JG.
    Degustation fills out your total dining experience here.

    1. I used to like EMP before Humm took over. Since then, the one time I went, the food was merely good and actually cost more than Degustation, and the service was extremely slow. The food is much more interesting, in any case, at Degustation, the service is great, and the atmosphere is much more intimate, though the room at EMP is interesting. I don't think it's a close call at all.

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        The food on EMP web site looks so pretty though. I can't seem to find a web site for Degustation. Do they take reservation?

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          Degustation does not have a web site. They do take reservations. I highly recommend them and asking if you can sit in front of Wesley (assuming he is there). It is a tiny restaurant that seats about 15 maximum, and they crank out some great food with a tiny staff.

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            As Kathryn said, they don't have a website, but I did a little Google image searching for you. Here are a couple of places where you can see some Degustation "food porn":



        2. I like Eleven Madison and Degustation over Annisa. You can try Corton too, which I like over JG and LB, food is more creative, I don't think they're open for lunch though.

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            OP said they wanted another dinner... Corton is definitely open for dinner. However, if OP is coming next week, it's unlikely they'll be able to get into Corton. They have been quite popular so far this year.

          2. I have been to both a number of times, and though I like EMP very much, I get a craving for Degustation that I don't get for EMP. No, they don't have a website, but just go and order the 10-course tasting for $75. You won't be sorry. And yes, EMP is probably too similar to LB and JG. Degustation is a unique experience.

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            1. re: rrems

              How is emp similar to LB and JG? Two are the best restaurants in the city the other is EMP.

            2. Thanks everyone for your input. I'm sold on Degustation. I'm a visual person so the "food porn" helps. Will call in the morning to see if I can grab a reservation. If not, I'm thinking maybe do an Italian. I can get Batali in LA and Vegas so I'd like something different. Has anyone been to Sfoglia?

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                EMP and Degustation have nothing in common. Its almost like should I go to Ippudo or Jean Georges. Degustation doesnt have tables it has small plates with spanish influence. The dishes taste great. The croquettas being my favortie. EMP is a big place with a nice prix fix dinner, gourmet dining in a classy setting. Big difference but you'll be happy in either ,,unless of course you want to sit at a table them you need to pick EMP