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Mar 26, 2009 02:33 PM

Can I make croissants with puff pastry dough?

From what I can gather from google, the main difference between the two doughs is that croissant dough has sugar and yeast, which strikes me as quite a big deal, but I feel like puff pastry can be quite flaky and works well with savory and sweet fillings so I'm not entirely sure it is a totally absurd idea. Any thoughts?
I'd like to make home made croissants for brunch without the hassle of making the dough myself so the thought of using store bought puff pastry dough is quite appealing.

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  1. You could cut puff pastry dough into triangles and roll them up in to crescents. I expect the result will be puffy and crisp, but not the soft flakiness that you would expect from croissants. Have you ever had palmier, the scroll shaped pastries made from puff pastry dough?

    A good general purpose cookbook (even Joy of Cooking) should give you ideas of what you can make with puff pastry dough.

    In case you haven't ever played with this dough, keep in mind that the more expensive, all-butter, brands taste better than the ones that use a high-melting point margarine.