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Mar 26, 2009 02:29 PM

Dinner after Incredibrew, Nashua NH

Hi there - my friend and I will be heading to Incredibrew in Nashua NH this weekend. Any suggestions for dinner nearby? We're looking for something low-key and casual, but with a cozy atmosphere to grab a drink and eat something delicious. Not necessary that the restaurant be right around the corner from Incredibrew - anywhere in Nashua is fine, and we are open to all types of cuisine. Any suggestions will be a help, as neither of us has ever been to Nashua before. Thanks!

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  1. You have a bunch of chains right on DW, all within 5-10min drive.

    Joe's American Bar and Grill
    Smokey Bones
    Olive Garden

    Here' are places that are close, some in downtown Nashua and a couple right round from where you'll be. All no more than 10-15minutes.

    Check out the menus then post which one's you have questions about.

    I know there is Mexican on DW, but can't think of the name right now, plus I'm sure I missed a few others to check out, but I'm sure someone will post to add on.

    Good luck.

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      Thanks hummingbird! Fody's Tavern and The Peddler's Daughter may be at the top of the list right now...are they overrun with college students? What's the vibe like at these places? Thanks!

      1. re: chilibug

        Nashua is not much of a college town, so nothing is ever really overrun with students.

        That said ... if you're concerned about an overly youthful clientele, be aware that the Peddler's Daughter morphs around 9 or 9:30 most nights from a pub-like restaurant into a full-on bar, often with live music. If you want to hear your dining companion, you'd do well to avoid Peddler's Daughter late in the evening. ;-)

        I think it's safe to say that Fody's is definitely fancier than The Peddler's Daughter ... despite their name, the dining room vibe is more Victorian parlor than "tavern." I haven't been there since shortly after it opened, as it was not to my liking ... I found the food very salty. But as they're still in business some years later and have received numerous accolades, clearly they have their fans!

        BTW, to the list of links that hummingbird so helpfully provided, I'd add Black Orchid, also in downtown Nashua:

      2. re: hummingbird

        Two Mexican on DW highway. The better one (in my opinion, having grown up in the Western US) is La Carreta, but it is often very crowded. The other is Hacienda del Rio.

      3. You can't go wrong with one of Michael Timothy's. Surf on one side of the street and Michael Timothy's on the other (more like a bistro):

        1. If you're making beer at incredibrew you may want to hit Marthas for some brew pub brews

          1. Another place to consider is the Saffron Bistro, on Main St. downtown. Haven't been there for awhile, but it was excellent the last time. A bit expensive, but the food justifies the price. Check out
            I also like Fody's, Lilac Blossom, Surf, Michael Timothy's.

            1. Thanks to all! We ended up making a night of it - stayed for cheap at the Radisson after hitting:
              Martha's Exchange - very good beer
              Peddler's Daughter - awesome sweet potato fries, but poor service at the bar. We would have stayed longer and had dinner there if the service had been better
              La Carreta - thought we'd have dinner here but it was PACKED. Instead had some very good chips and spicy salsa at the bar.
              Pizzico - ordered a pizza to was okay, not great.

              So it turned out to be an odd assortment of food we ate... but overall we had a great time in Nashua and will return!