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Mar 26, 2009 02:13 PM

Kaiten/"Conveyor Belt" Sushi in Dallas?

I've never posted before but I frequently use the excellent Chowhound recommendations and now I need some expert help! I've had good sushi in Dallas (Deep Sushi & Oishii come to mind), but I have yet to find a place that does "Conveyor Belt" sushi, or Kaiten-Sushi as I heard it called when visiting Japan. I've seen it on actual conveyor belts w/ the chefs in the middle, and also in a floating "river" where the sushi came out in little boats.

Has anyone heard of anything similar in Dallas? If so, how expensive is it--I've had some of the best cheap meals ever at conveyor belt sushi places and would love to find one in the Dallas area!! Many thanks!

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  1. Genki in the southeast corner of Preston and Belt Line has exactly what you're looking for. It's a buffet, and it costs something like $15 or $16 per person before gratuity/drinks. If you're looking for something in particular and it's not on the conveyor belt, ask the chef to make what you want.

    Oh another thing, the last time I went they mentioned they are cutting back on hours, so I'm pretty sure they aren't open on sundays anymore.

    1. I was just discussing this last Friday night with Josh at Masami. He and Rio both know where they have this in Dallas. It is a Korean owner who sounds like the restaurant is in Koreatown in NW Dallas (Royal/35 area). I would definitely give them a call and ask for Rio if you are seriously hunting this down.

      1. Stone Horse at Campbell and Collins in Richardson has this setup. I've never had the sushi there, since the excellent Sushi Sake is in the same area.

        1. Tokyo no Hana (formerly Sumo Sushi) at Greenville and Walnut Hill has conveyor belt sushi. The lunch special comes with soup, salad, and 5 plates for about $15 (extra plates are $1.50).

          Have eaten there many times and really enjoy it!

          1. I noticed a place on my way to work this morning named Sushi Envy, it's in the new shopping center just south of 121 on Preston on the border of Plano/Frisco. The sign read Conveyer Belt Sushi, haven't tried it, so can't give any info about price or quality.

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              bad. I wouldn't go, even if you're just going for the novelty of it.