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Mar 26, 2009 01:44 PM

Anniversary dinner between Conshohocken and West Chester?

My husband and I are celebrating an anniversary this weekend, and we're looking for a great restaurant somewhere between Conshohocken and West Chester (we're in Valley Forge). Preferably French, Italian, Moroccan, eclectic, etc... but not a steakhouse, seafood, or Asian. Looking for great atmosphere with top-notch food and dessert. Thanks in advance for your recommendations!

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  1. BYO .. fabulous food at Gilmores in West Chester. Former Le Bec Fin chef has a top notch restaurant on Gay street in westchester. Reservations highly recommended.

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    1. re: cwdonald

      I agree Gilmore's would be a great choice. The Spence Cafe in West Chester is also great!

      You may have people suggest Blackfish in Conshohocken. Its way over-hyped, don't waste your time. In Conshohocken, Fayettte Street Grille is a cute little BYOB on Fayette Street

    2. For an anniversary, BYO, excellent service, better food - - go with Gilmore's. Never left feeling like anything ordered was over priced either. Somtimes nicer places leave me asking for 2 was that worth $125. NEVER even questioned that at GIlmores

      1. I ate at Gilmore's not long ago and couldn't understand why the place gets such rave reviews. The food was, on average, just OK. The service was obtrusive to the point of making us uncomfortable, though some people seem to like that. Personally I don't care for it when the server congratulates me on my order, then touches me on the shoulder as they leave the table. If I lived in West Chester it would make a nice neighborhood BYO, but I don't think it's worth a special trip to go there, or worth a special occasion.

        Unfortunately I don't have any recommendations. I'm not a huge fan of Restaurant Alba in Malvern, but I'd go there over Gilmore's. Blackfish in Conshohocken is worth a try, some people like it, some don't. The High Street Cafe in West Chester (cajun) was excellent last time I was there, but that was years ago.

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          Never had intrusive service, or anything less than very good food at Gilmore's, over several visits. But then I love being told how good my choices are, and getting a little neckrub from the waitstaff. OK , kidding about that part, I'll agree the touching thing is creepy... but not kidding about my good experiences at Gilmore's. I've also enjoyed Alba quite a lot, but not quite as much as Gilmore's.

          1. re: Mac Fugubiki

            Tops in the area is Birchrunville Store Cafe in my view, but a reservation on a Saturday is tough, even in these economic times. Friday, possibly.

            Food at Gilmore's is VG, but I'm another one who is put off by the service and atmosphere. I am a big fan of Alba's.

            Based on the geography you suggested, you may be interested in Phoenixville. The top place there is Majolica's, but it is undergoing a change, and I lost track of whether it has reopened yet or not. I hear nice things about Marley's, but I have not tried it myself.

            In any event, happy anniversary.