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Mar 26, 2009 01:28 PM

Not to be missed in San Antonio

A group of us will be attending a four day conference in San Antonio at the end of April. We're all first-timers, and want the absolute best suggestions for a range of restaurants...from the most authentic-hole-in-the-wall Mexican or Tex Mex joints, to the absolutely should-not-be-missed SA eating experiences. From breakfast through lunch, dinner and late night drinks. Appetizers through desserts.
We may do one blowout dinner where price is not an issue, but will mostly look for great food .
Thanks in advance...

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  1. Fiesta week ends on the 25th, I'm assuming you'll be here after the madness is over.
    The following post will clue you in to several options on and near the riverwalk. Our personal favorites are LaFritte, Oloroso (both in southtown-an easy/safe walk from the downtown hotels), and Sandbar(accross from bus station-seedy locale but the best seafood in SA). If price is not an issue I'd definately reccomend La Reve(reserve early!!

    1. OK, hole in the wall Tex-Mex the ORIGINAL Blance Cafe...not the one north but the one on Blanco Rd, just south of Hilderbrand. In a former Rexall Drug Store. BYOB.

      Mi Tierra in the tourist are is OK too, it's very famous and a huge place...if you're not really game to venture away from downtown.

      1. I would recommend Biga on the Banks and Acenar (both with views of river and very good food).

        1. I think the best Mexican in the downtown area is Aldacos. Pretty reasonably priced, too, unless you get into the Margaritas, but its no hole in the wall.

          Bistro Vatel for superb Bistro food, sort of a hole in the wall and very quaint.

          1. Hole in the wall mexican, Oasis, Mexican Manhatten, both downtown, and Cascabel Mexican Patio, Southtown on saint mary's. Best dessert in town is at Bin 555 on Bitters about 10 minutes north of downtown. The Blue Cheese Cheesecake with sour cherries is heaven. For pricey places look at Le Reve, or Bohannan's.