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Mar 26, 2009 01:16 PM

La Scala imposing a minimum per person!

I recently walked out of La Scala Presto Brentwood after ordering a half a chopped salad ($8.95), as did my mother, something we've been doing weekly for at LEAST 20 years (back in the Boutique days, even), and were informed that we each needed to order more to reach the $9.50/person minimum. We were told we should consider chopped tomatoes, or perhaps turkey, or even a soda, each, to be able to lunch there.

So, we left and had a lovely lunch at Pizzicotto, which made me remember how great the food is there (their pizza is soooo good, crunchy and thin crusted, close to what one would get in the Mediterranean).

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  1. I like the chopped salad there as well.. Bummer on the minimum.. I guess I have always tipped well there as the salad was enough. Short sided on their part IMHO.. Ooops.. never ordered the 1/2 always a full so I guess im safe..

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    1. re: Foodandwine

      Now there is a smart business move! Was it Dale Carniege that said "treat your guests poorly and they will return"? I wish I could remember.

    2. Is that $8.95 per person for a half or $8.95 for a whole split or $4.48 (rounded) per person?

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      1. re: lizziee

        $8.95 for a half a chopped salad, which is on their menu, not a half of a whole, nor did we split a whole. We each ordered a half chopped salad, $8.95 each (I believe a whole is $12.95? Maybe a little less)

        In other words, we were each 55¢ below the minimum, and ordering off of their menu listing. Rather than anger a loyal customer, they should either lower the minimum (stupid to have a minimum in this economy), or raise the price of the salad 55¢.

        1. re: yogachik

          Pizzicotto is just a better restaurant all the way around.
          Glad the management of La Scala informed you that they really did not want your business.

      2. i know nothing about La Scala but have you tried contacting the owner? it seems ridiculous that they would turn business away and especially in light of your being a longtime customers.