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Mar 26, 2009 01:14 PM

Ethnic Supermarkets in and around London, especially South

Hi. I just moved to Croydon from NYC. I am looking for various ethnic markets in and around London, even better if closer to Croydon.

I am interested in Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, and Middle Eastern/Lebanese ingredients, particularly fresh vegetables, herbs, spices, noodles, rice balls, etc.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. One of the best Chinese supermarkets in the London area (it's huge) is right in Croydon - Wing Yip. It also has Japanese and Thai things, too. Their restaurant has excellent Cantonese food - closest thing I've found to what's common in NYC.

    I live a bit south of there so can't help much with the other cuisines. There is a large Korean population in New Maldon, which isn't too far if you have a car.

    Welcome to London.

    1. If you are also interested in food, desserts and vegetables from the Indian sub-continent, Tooting is good, and not too far from Croydon.
      A bit furhter away, Talad Thai in Putney is worth a visit.
      For middle eastern you'll need to go to Peckham for Persepolis - a lovely shop - or to Golborne Road - a long way from Croydon, but fun.

      1. Hoo Hing in mitcham is a big cash and carrry. You can get lots of stuff there, including woks, cleavers and steamers etc etc. All super cheap too...

        1. can i tag onto this - has anyone any tips about good places in london to source ingredients for West Indian and/or Indian/Pakastani/Bangladeshi?

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            For west indian, brixton market. For Indian etc, Southall or brick lane?

          2. indian/bangladesh/pakistani-brick lane/whitechapel area e1 is the postcode' loads of asian supermarkets there, very cheap.
            caribbean- brixton sw9
            turkish-dalston or green lanes e9, n16 postcodes
            lebanese/middle eastern- edgware rd w2
            chinese-gerrard st wc1
            please let me know if you need any more info!

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              Caribbean/African - Brixton, Sheperds Bush and Tottenham and Peckham.
              As mentioned New Malden for Korean
              Vietnamese - Hackney.
              Thai - Hammermith/Sheperds Bush