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Mar 26, 2009 01:06 PM

Chow Tips ads

I had a few spare minutes so I decided to watch a number of Chow Tips in succession. Probably watched about 25 and 95% of them were preceded by the same NCAA March Madness ad. I thought my head would explode if I sat through it one more time. I've never noticed this level of repetition before. I would assume the advertiser buys blocks of time or space but my feedback is that it can backfire, though I'm still going to watch the games and that site really is as awesome as the ad says (point is, however, I had been to that site before and might have been turned off to it if I hadn't). Aren't these ads randomized by some system?

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  1. I stopped clicking on chow videos the first time I encountered an ad that was longer than the clip it preceded.

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      One other thing--the only videos that are super short are CHOW Tips. Don't give up on CHOW video because the CHOW Tips are short. Give some of the longer ones a try, which make that ad more worthwhile...or watch in the video hub:

      Meredith of CHOW

    2. Trust me, we're working on it. Our ad ops team is trying to fix the ads so they don't run on the short videos, but it's not a problem they've encountered before so they're having a hard time turning them off. Nothing bugs me more than ads that are longer than the videos themselves. All I can say is that the ad guys are working on it.

      Meredith, video producer of CHOW

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        Thanks for the response. The video hub link is very helpful. Had to see that NCAA ad again, but only once.