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Mar 26, 2009 01:04 PM

New Korean Restaurant in Chantilly VA

We went to lunch at newis Korean place at 13912 Lee Jackson Hwy, in Chantilly (the shopping center with the new Lotte). The website is, but the name on the window says the name is Gopbaegi. It is pretty much next to the Shopper's grocery store.

The website will really show you what they have. I had the spicy pork and potato soup - a great choice on a rainy, raw day. My husband had a spicy pork dish grilled with onions. Both were very good - but the soup was the hands down winner for us.

One thing I liked about this restaurant was that it was neither a barbecue place, a buffet or a sushi place. They seemed focused on soups, rice and noodle dishes. Though there are plenty of seafood and baked meat options as well.

The panchan were straightforward, but very generous. I love the kimchi - it seems more fully flavored (garlicky - not just sour and hot) than many others I have had. The radish kimchi was great. There was the mashed potato salad, the watercress, the sprout salad, a nice flavored mix of slightly crunchy potato cubes with peppers, carrots and green beans, and a seaweed salad. The minute one bowl was empty, someone was over there to ask if we wanted more.

The dinner menu (shown on the website) was not terribly expensive, but the lunches were a deal. Most items were under $7.00 - there were a few $8.99 and $9.99 dishes - and a few higher. We felt incredibly well fed (and my husband had a Sapporo silver bullet beer) for $26.00.

Very attentive service. Lunch business was doing well, even though we got there at 11 AM. All other customers when were were there were Korean except for us and another person. The staff was friendly to us (though they double checked that we would eat spicy foods).

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  1. isn't a currently registered domain name as far as I can tell...

      1. I have been back twice more. Both times I went for a soup option. First time I had the kim chi soup. Good - but not spicy enough for me. Lots of pork in it.

        Today I had the "extra spicy" cod soup. It was great. The cod seemed like salt cod. The broth was wonderful - fishy and spicy.

        The service is very, very friendly. It is clear that they want to please and are delighted to have non-Koreans (as well as the many Koreans that go). I felt amazingly welcomed.

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          We stopped by as well a few weeks ago. We bucked the trend and went with some other dishes vs soups. It was high quality meat, but a bit expensive for what we got. I'll try the cod soup next time, sounds good!

          1. re: scot

            Looking at the pictures on the menu, I am reminded of the cafeteria food served at Korean grocery stores. Looks like this place serves chinese korean looking food.