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Mar 26, 2009 12:59 PM

Dried fruit & nuts in bulk?

Hey - where does everyone like to get dried fruit and nuts in bulk in SF? Rainbow and the farmers market at the Ferry Building immediately come to mind, but I was hoping for a less expensive alternative. Any ideas? Thanks so much.

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  1. Less expensive than the Alemany farmer's market? Or were you thinking of the Ferry Plaza market? Maybe Costco would have some cheap offerings...

    1. There is quite a variety at several stalls in the Alemany farmers market on Saturday. Many dried fruit are in the $5-7 range. I don't go to the Ferry Bldg often, but I can only assume the prices at Alemany are cheaper.

      1. The one-pound packages at Trader Joe's are often the best prices in town.

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          I was afraid that might be the case about Trader Joe's - which is great but not as local as I was hoping. I think I'll check out Alemany - thanks so much for the suggestions.

          1. re: rockawayguy

            That's a long way from SF. East of Gilroy.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Online sales reduce the need to visit in person

          2. Once you've tried the nuts at the Berkeley Bowl, all else pales by comparison.
            TJ's seems stale.
            I'm especially addicted to the roasted almonds without salt.