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Mar 26, 2009 12:38 PM

Yonge/Eglinton Bars/Lounge

Hey there

Anyone have a good spot to go for a few drinks on a week night in the Yonge/Eglinton/Mt. Pleasant area?

It can be a bar/resto/lounge etc, just looking for something fairly quiet, with good ambience for a date.

I'd thought about Coquine, but it might be a bit too loud to have a conversation.

I thought about some restaurants, like Simple Bistro or that, but that might be too much of a dining experience, and we're just looking for drinks.


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  1. Huge challenge! It entirely depends on what time you're going. The bar at Coquine gets very full from 7 to 10, but after 9 they'll probably give you a table without ordering food.

    The bar at Centro is nice, but only open select evenings and they'll probably try to push food at you.

    Chimichanga has a larger bar area, and is quite funky, with a younger crowd.

    There are, of course, various ye olde pubs in the area, but they tend to fill with the after work crowd.

    On Mt. Pleasant, the best option is probably the Granite, with a somewhat quieter back room. Not exactly soft lighting, though.

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      What about Quince? I seem to remembre someone saying they had a small bar area for wine.