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Mar 26, 2009 11:50 AM

Recs for good takeout or delivery near Longboat Key

Any ideas for restaurants that deliver to or offer takeout near the Longboat Key area? Other than the usual Pizza Hut/big chain type stuff....

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      they deliver for many restaurants in the Sarasota area, but LBK will be additional charges

      1. Jamrocks, a Jamaican restaurant, delivers. (20 $ minimum, 2 $ fee, and within area -- this info is from their take out menu).

        Despite their website that says they'll be coming soon, they're up and running. I've not been there but a friend (who's originally from the Caribbean) dined at Jamrocks this week, liked it and opined it's authentic. Beer and wine, entertainment at dinner if you go there. (941) 383-4932. They have take out menus (for delivery) that you can pick up if you drive over to Whitney Plaza.

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          Sounds wonderful -- I did not know this place was around. Thanks for all the recs everyone!

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            WE just had dinner at Movable Feast on Longboat and it was very good. They also deliver on the island.